What do you get if you cross a velociraptor with a spider? The answer is a velocispider, which combines the best of both creatures. Plus, it has a huge gun on its head. It is a silly idea of course, but Velocispider is a lot of fun.

The game is an old fashioned shoot-‘em-up that looks like it is been frozen in time since the 1980s. A story is not really required with this type of game where the aim is simply to blast everything that moves. You get points for kills and the more enemies you kill and the longer you last, the higher your score.

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You really want a story? There are three eggs at the bottom of the screen. You, the velocispider are just above, and waves of alien creatures, spaceships and monsters attack from above. Some try to destroy you with their guns, missiles and bombs and others try to steal the eggs while you are distracted by all the attackers. You die when either all three of your eggs are stolen or you get blown up too many times and run out of lives.

Velocispider . Velocispider

Aliens sometimes cross the screen in space-invader style formations, sometimes they swoop down in streams, and are sometimes they are on their own, like with the big boss enemy that turns up every few levels. The enemies drop bombs and some incoming ones bend towards your position, so you cannot stay still for long.

The graphics are excellent and are chunky and low resolution in the style of an old game from the 1980s when screens were just a few hundred pixels across. The backgrounds and attacking aliens look superb.

The controls are very simple and the velocispider is moved left and right by tilting the phone or tablet to one side or the other. Your gun fires automatically and constantly without a break, but pressing and holding on the screen stores power until you lift off and then a huge ball of energy fires up the screen. It is useful for inflicting extra damage.

Velocispider . Velocispider

Extra lives and superior weapons drop down occasionally and if you are quick and dodge the incoming fire, they can be picked up. Some weapons fire at double rate, some spray bullets on three directions, others are double shots, and so on. You need them if you are to survive.

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Velocispider is a fast and very entertaining arcade style shoot-‘em-up game that will keep you entertained for short periods of frantic activity. It isn’t the sort of game you can sit and play for two hours, but for 15 minute sessions it is excellent.

I played the app on the iPad and it works on the iPhone too. There is an Android version that from a different developer, but the game is the same.

Price: Free
Developer: Retro Dreamer
Version: 1.4
Size: 5.5MB
iOS: 4.3 or later