Apple has just launched a new version of the iPhone 5c and you can now save £40 off the price off the standard model. Yes, that's pounds and not dollars because, for the moment anyway, this model is only available to purchase in Europe. It is in the Apple UK store right now.

The new iPhone 5c is an 8GB model and is priced at £429, whereas previously only 16GB and 32GB models were available costing £469 and £549 respectively. So you can save money providing you don't mind a phone with half the usual memory.

iPhone 5c 8MB

The iPhone is fairly efficient when it comes to memory usage and iOS is quite compact. However, you won't be able to install many apps, add many music albums or take many photos. There are people that struggle with 16GB iPhones never mind 8GB ones. Allow a couple of gigabytes for iOS, another couple for Apple apps and there is probably only 4GB left for everything else.

You will need to use iTunes Match to store your music online rather than on the phone, and upload photos and videos to online storage as soon as you have a Wi-Fi connection. It is possible to live with 8GB, but only just and providing you don't install any large games.

The iPhone 5c was supposed to be Apple's cheap iPhone. Although Apple never called it that, that is what everyone was expecting. But rumours abound that sales are disappointing and perhaps this is because it isn't really cheap enough. Is it any better now? Slightly, but if you want a really cheap iPhone then the 4S is the one to go for. Here in the UK it is £349 contract free, or $450 in the US.