Every phone has an alarm function and it is one of the basic features of the device. You would not describe it as fun, entertaining, or even slightly interesting and they are deadly dull. AlarmMon makes alarms exciting.

AlarmMon is a free app for both Android and iOS devices, and there is not much difference, if any, between the app on the two platforms. I have been using it on my iPhone, but everything here applies to the Android version too.

The app is bright, it is colourful, and it features cartoon-style graphics, characters and animation. The home screen looks really nice and it lists all of the alarms that have been created. There are even a couple that are ready made to get you started and these are to wake you up in the mornings - one for weekdays and one for weekends when you can have a lie in and get up later.

Tap the large plus button at the bottom of the screen and a new alarm can be created. There are two types and if you select Quick Alarm, you can set an one to go off in a number of hours or minutes. It is like a countdown timer, so if you are boiling an egg, exercising for 20 minutes or want to perform some other timed activity, you can set the duration here. The controls for setting the countdown timer are unusual, but they are obvious and easy to use.

AlarmMon alarm app for iPhone . AlarmMon alarm app for iPhone

A regular alarm has lots of configuration options and the first of these is the character to use. There is a small selection of cartoon-like characters to choose from such as Pico, Din, Bready, Sheep and Lengtoo and there is an online store that contains many more. Some of them are free, but others must be purchased for a small fee. There is enough free content to make this app fun without having to pay for anything if you are strapped for cash.

Each character is featured in a very simple 10-second game that must be played when the alarm goes off. You must tap an area on the screen, tap and drag something or perform some other simple action. This is quite hard to do when you have just woken up and are still half asleep! It’s a lot easier when the alarm goes off during the day.

AlarmMon alarm app for iPhone . AlarmMon alarm app for iPhone

An alarm can be a one-off or it can repeat. The options are good and it can repeat on weekdays, weekends, every day or just the days you specify. The sound can be on or off and the volume can be set, and vibration can be on or off. There is a snooze option. The colour of the alarm can be chosen, so you can colour code them if you want, and a brief memo can be stored with an alarm.

There is an experimental section in the app that contains options that are still being developed and you can try them if you want. For example, an alarm can be turned off without playing the game, an alarm can be set for a specific date like a birthday, and there is a snoring checker that will tell you if you snore. The only problem I had with the app was that I could not make head nor tail of the alarm history screen. It just does not make sense, so I just ignored it.

AlarmMon alarm app for iPhone . AlarmMon alarm app for iPhone

I like AlarmMon because it is easy to use, has lots of configuration options for alarms, and is colourful, attractive and fun to use. You already have a perfectly functional alarm on your phone, but this is more entertaining and it is free, so why not give it a go?

Title: AlarmMon (Google Play Store | iOS App Store)
Price: Free
Developer: Malang Studio Co. Ltd.
Size: 29MB
Version: 2.5.6
iOS: 6.0 or later | Android: Varies with device