The fitness and health sections of the app stores for iOS and Android are extensive and cover a wide range of topics. There are lots of Yoga apps and it is hard to choose the right one. Daily Yoga should be on your shortlist.

Daily Yoga – Lose Weight, Get Fit to give it its full title, is a free app that contains some free content, with the option to buy more if you choose to. It aims to improve your health, fitness, suppleness and general well-being using a series of exercises.

On the home screen you can choose from Start Training, Pose Library, Community or Yoga Music. The Pose Library contains 26 yoga poses and you can browse the collection and try them yourself. It is best to simply jump into the Start Training section though.

Daily Yoga for iPhone

Start Training lists around three dozen yoga sessions. These must be downloaded before you can use them and around half are free, while the others require a Pro subscription. There is a lot of free content to keep you busy and sessions include Sun Salutation, Office Yoga to Meditate, Yoga for Runners, Standing Poses for Beginners, and many more.

These sessions can take anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes to complete and sometimes there is a choice, so if you are pushed for time, you can choose a short session, but when you have more time you can perform a longer one.

Select a session and download it, and there is an information screen that describes the exercises and benefits. Sometimes there is a choice of session length, but there may be other choices. For example, with the Yoga for Runners session there is a choice of Pre-Run and Post-Run.

Daily Yoga app for iPhone

A video shows someone performing the exercises and there is an audio commentary and description. All you have to do is to copy the poses. It is awkward at first, but after a few sessions you learn what to do and can follow the session without looking at the screen.

The yoga sessions are excellent and in addition, there are also programs, from one to five weeks, such as 12-Day Beginner Tour, Super Weight Loss Plan, Body Building in Yogalates. One of these is free and the remaining are available if you upgrade to the Pro version.

In addition to the yoga sessions and programs, there is a community and a number of forums where you can post comments and read what everyone else is chatting about. These appear to be quite active and have lots of comments.

Daily Yoga app for iPhone

The app contains relaxing music to listen to when you perform your yoga sessions. There are three music packs and one, containing six tracks, is free, and there are two more for Pro users. The music can be turned off if you prefer to exercise in silence.

I really like this app and there is sufficient free content to keep me going for at least a month or two. After that there is always the option to go Pro and access even more content.

I do have a couple of complaints though. One is the advert that pops up after a session. I don’t mind adverts in free apps, but this one seemed hard to dismiss without accidentally tapping it. This exits the app and takes you to the App Store to buy something. Ads are OK as long as they do not get in the way, so it should be easier to skip.

The other complaint is that there is some pseudoscientific nonsense in the app. For example, there is a Lung Detox Sequence, which says “Our lungs need regular cleansing...” No they don’t! It goes on to say “This Lung Detox Sequence can help you get rid of toxins.” It’s just an exercise, nothing more.

Ignore the ads, ignore the intro text and just get on with the yoga exercises. There are lots of them and they are really good. This is a great app and is well worth installing on your phone or tablet. I used the iPhone version, but it is available for Android too.

TitleDaily Yoga – Lose Weight, Get Relief
Price: Free
Size: 51 MB
Version: 5.3.1
iOS: 6.0 or later