The iPhone’s camera does not have as high a resolution as some phone cameras, but it does take excellent photos and the camera app has some clever features. Here are some you may not have discovered.


Shoot smoother videos

The video camera normally shoots video clips at a rate of 30 frames per second, but there is an option to shoot at 60 fps. This is particularly useful for videos with fast movement and there is less blurring, which leads to sharper images.

Go to Settings, Photos and Camera, Scroll down the screen and near the bottom is a switch to Record Video at 60 FPS. Bear in mind that video clips will be larger with this setting because more frames are being stored every second.

iPhone Camera tips

Use and configure Burst Mode

Tap the button in the camera app to take a photo and just one shot is recorded. Keep pressing and Burst Mode is activated, which takes 10 photos every second. You will see a counter on the screen showing the number recorded.

Afterwards, tap the thumbnail image in the bottom left corner of the Camera app. A single photo is displayed , but in the top left corner is a small notification indicating the number if Burst shots recorded. Down at the bottom is Select... Tap it and you can view all the photos taken.

Swipe left and right through the photos and tap the circle in the bottom right corner of the image to select the ones you want to keep. Tap Done in the top right corner and there is a choice – keep everything or keep only your favourites (the ones you marked).

iPhone Camera tips

This is the default setting for Burst Mode, but there is an alternative. Go to Settings, Photos and Camera, scroll down a bit and there is an option to Upload Burst Photos. Only your favourites (marked ones) are saved to your photo stream or transferred to a computer. However, you can turn on the Upload Burst Mode option to save every frame taken.

iPhone Camera tips

It is your choice, but remember that Burst Mode results in lots of photos. It is very easy to take 20 or more, which probably contains a lot of images you don’t need.

Faster slo-mo

There is a slo-mo mode that shoots video clips at 240 frames per second. When played back at normal speed, it looks like a slow motion shot, which is great for capturing fast action videos. The 240 fps is displayed on the screen and if you tap it, it switches to 120 fps. It toggles between to two speeds, so you have a choice of a slo-mo or a super slo-mo.

iPhone Camera tips

Sharper photos

A professional photographer will often set up their camera on a tripod and use a remote shutter release. This is so that the action of pressing the button to take a photo does not cause vibration and lead to slightly blurred photos.

You can do that with an iPhone too.  Plug in the earphones, then prop up the iPhone to take a shot, or simply hold it steady in one hand. Instead of tapping the screen to take a photo, causing vibration, press the volume up or down buttons on the earphones to take a photo. The result will be sharper images.