Does time pass by and at the end of the day you wonder where it has all gone to? You had work or tasks to do, but somehow you never got round to them? The solution is 30/30, a free iPhone app for organising your time.

30/30 for the iPhone is in many ways like a Pomodoro technique app and I looked at several quite recently. This involves setting a timer and working for 25 minutes, resting for 5, then working for 25 minutes, followed by another five minute break and so on.

It works and it makes you concentrate on the task in hand and you get more work done.

Binary Hammer’s 30/30 app does this, but in a different way and it is far more flexible. You start by creating and naming a new task list. Then you add tasks to it. The tasks have an icon associated with it and a small selection is provided in the app, but many more icon packs are available through in-app purchases, such as Productivity, Leisure, At Work and Home, and so on.

The icon packs are not essential and you can use the app for free, but the icons are cheap and make it more interesting. You can choose the colour for each task to make them stand out.

30/30 time manager app for iPhone  30/30 time manager app for iPhone

Any number of tasks can be added to the task list and they can be anything work or leisure related. You can create a Monday morning work list, a Saturday jobs around the home list, a Pomodoro with 25 minutes working followed by 5 minutes break, or whatever you need.

A timer can be set for a task and each task can be a different duration. When you are ready you set the timer going and the first task starts. When the time is up a sound is heard and notification appears on the screen, then it is on to the next task in the list.

The list can be set to be executed once or it can loop back to the start. It can be paused, time can be added or subtracted, and the tasks can be rearranged or trashed.

30/30 is like a super flexible Pomodoro and it is a great way to organise your time. It cannot make you work of course, but it does have a strange psychological effect on you when activities are timed. You tend to work harder and are distracted less, which means more work gets done in the time you have.

30/30 time manager app for iPhone

This is a brilliant app, but I really don’t like the gestures. In almost every other app you use a two finger spread gesture to zoom in, but in 30/30 this is to create a new list or add a new task. Nearly all other apps would use an add button. A task or list can be copied to make a duplicate, but again there is a weird non-intuitive gesture to do this and it is a three-finger tap. Because your fingers are different lengths, it isn’t that easy to tap all three simultaneously, adding to the difficulty.

The strange choice of gestures aside, this is an excellent organisational tool and it is recommended.

Title: 30/30 
Price: Free
Developer: Binary Hammer
Size: 13.7 MB
Version: 2.1.4
iOS: 4.3 or later