Have you noticed anything different about the keyboard in the recently released iOS 9 for the iPhone and iPad? The keys switch between lowercase and uppercase. If you prefer the keyboard the way it used to be, you can restore it.

As someone who often uses Android devices, I am used to the keyboard showing lowercase letters on the keys when lowercase text is being entered. When Shift is used or uppercase is permanently set, the keys have capital letters on.

It makes perfect sense and it is logical. You get visual feedback on the text you are entering and it is easy to see if you are about to enter lowercase or capital letters.

Except it did not make sense for Apple and for some strange reason the keyboard has always remained with uppercase letters whether you were typing upper or lowercase. This always struck me as very odd and very unhelpful. I always had to think and look carefully about whether I was typing upper or lowercase.

Apple has now copied Android’s way of working and the default setting is to have lowercase letters on the keys and capitals when you are typing capitals. At last!

iOS keyboard

iOS keyboard

Some long-time iPhone users are upset about this change and they do not like it. Fortunately, Apple has included an option to put the keyboard back the way it was.

Go to Settings, General. You would think that the setting would be in Keyboard, but it is not. Instead, select Accessibility, Keyboard. Turn off Show Lowercase Keys and the keyboard will work like it used to, showing capitals all the time.

iOS keyboard

The Shift key has always been used as the indicator to show whether upper or lowercase is being typed. It is a hollow black outline on a grey background for lowercase and solid black on a white background for capitals.

Double tapping the Shift button makes it stick in the capitals position. If you do not like this double-tap for permanent capitals, go to Settings, General, Keyboard. Turn off the switch Enable Caps Lock.

There has been another change to the keyboard, although this time the default has not changed. It is near the previous setting. Go to Settings, General, Keyboard and there is a Character Preview on/off switch.

iOS keyboard

Normally when you tap a key on the keyboard, a magnified character appears just above your finger. This is a visual indication of the key pressed – it is easy to fumble and hit the wrong button with fat stubby fingers. If you do not want the large pop-up character then just turn this setting off.