The Notes app on the iPhone and iPad received an upgrade with iOS 9 and it is now better than ever. You can store almost anything on notes from maps to web pages. Here’s how to store anything in Notes.

Notes used to be only for storing plain text in a simple and basic note, just like an electronic notepad and this was useful, but not that you can store a wide range of media and files in Note, the app has suddenly become a lot more useful.

Notes can now be used to collect a wide range of media and this could be useful for projects and tasks you are working on. Everything you need to complete the project or task could be stored in notes, including drawings and sketches, maps, websites and web pages, photographs and more.

Open Notes and select a folder to store a new note in, such as iCloud, or create a new folder by tapping the New Folder button in the bottom right corner of the screen. Tap the new note icon in the bottom right corner. You can now enter the text for a note.

There is a plus button just above the keyboard on the right. Tap it and a toolbar appears.

iOS Notes  iOS Notes

Tap the fourth icon, the wiggly line, and you can draw on the screen with your finger. There are different pens and pencils at the bottom of the screen and an eraser. Use these tools to make rough sketches of diagrams, plans, and other items.

iOS Notes  iOS Notes

Press the Done button in the top left corner when you have finished and the sketch appears in the note. Tap the camera icon at the bottom of the screen and a panel opens with options to select an image from the photo library or to capture a photo or video right now with the phone.

Open the Cameral Roll and select a photo or take a snapshot. The photo appears in the note.

Notes on the iPhone  Notes on the iPhone

Let’s try adding a web page. Press the Home button and then tap Safari. Go to a web page you would like to add to the note and press the share button at the bottom of the screen. Notice that Notes is an option.

Tap Notes in the sharing options and a brief summary of the web page is displayed on a card. At the bottom is Choose Note.

Tap New Note and you can choose the note to save the web page to, or create a new note. My note used earlier is called Project notes, but yours will be different. Select it and tap Save.

Notes on the iPhone  Notes for iPhone

Quit Safari by tapping the Home button and switch to Notes. Open the note and the web page has been added to the note. It might not look like it, but this is a link and tapping it will open the web page in Safari.

Open the Maps app and select a place on a map. Here Starbucks has been tapped and it can be seen at the top of the map. Press the share button again Notes is among the sharing options.

iOS Notes  iOS Notes

Tap Notes and the address and map icon is displayed on a card. You can save this as it is or add extra text if you want and then save it. As before, you can select the note that the map is saved to and the one used before is selected. You can, of course, create a new one if you prefer.

Here is the note with the diagram (just the bottom bit at the top of the scree), the photo, web link and map address. The whole note can be shared or you can tap the items to open them, save the photo and so on.

iOS Notes

Notes creates rich multimedia notes and it works with lots of different apps. Just access it from the share button and attach the content to a note.