Apple Maps is used three times as often as its nearest rival, Google Maps, and after a shaky start, iPhone and iPad users now seem to love it. Perhaps it is the one feature it has that Google doesn’t.

So what is that feature?

Apple Pay!

Picture this scenario, you are out and from the office or home and you fancy a pizza or a coffee, or something else. The problem is that you do not have your wallet with you and so you have no money to pay for anything. However, you do have your iPhone and it has Apple Pay.

If only you could find somewhere that takes Apple Pay you could get your caffeine fix or have a quick snack.

Apple Maps is the answer and it can tell you places that accept Apple Pay. Open the Maps app, tap in the search bar at the top of the screen and enter ‘coffee’ for example. A list of places you can get a coffee is displayed in the bottom half of the screen, while in the top half is a map with pins showing the locations.

Tap one of the coffee places in the list to highlight it on the map and then tap it to open the details page.

Apple Maps  Apple Maps on the iPhone

Apple Pay

Look down the details and where it says Price, if the place accepts Apple Pay there will be the Apple Pay logo. You can now go and grab a coffee, even though you don’t have your wallet or loose change in your pocket.

This feature is let down a little by the limited number of places in Apple Maps that display Apple Pay. It is actually hard to find businesses in the Maps app that have the logo and either lots of places do not yet accept Apple Pay or the businesses have not yet added it to their details stored in Maps.

The day might come when most places accept Apple Pay and this will not be an issue, but for now, it is a bit disappointing. I found a few large coffee chains companies like Starbucks and Costa showing the logo, but few others. I searched for ‘pizza’ and didn’t find anyone displaying the logo. Not even well known places like Pizza Hut, Dominos, and Pizza Express.