Haypi Co. specialises in MMOGs (massively multiplayer online games) and in Haypi Adventure: Kingdom of Glory you join an online world with thousands of others, battling for supremacy.

A common theme with games like this is that you build a city, research new technologies, train an army and then go and fight rival players, raiding their cities, stealing resources, and engaging them in battle. Haypi Adventure is a bit different because the action takes place at sea with ships rather than on land with soldiers.

You are given an island and it contains several ready-made buildings, such as a town hall, warehouse, tavern and tech center. The aim is to build a fleet of ships using a shipyard and dock. A variety of vessels are available and you start off with the smallest and simplest with the least fire power. It is enough to get you started and you can find islands on the map that are occupied by pirates or other players.

Haypi Advanture for iOS

Buildings can be upgraded, better ships can be built in the shipyard, and new technologies can be researched at the tech center. At first this is quick and easy, but as you progress in the game it takes longer and longer. Instead of taking minutes to build, upgrade or research, it takes hours.

Some people are put off by this, but others don’t mind. I don’t sit for three hours straight and play a game. I play for 10 or 15 minutes several times a day, so it suits the way I play. You can set something upgrading or researching and come back later when it is finished.

All this ship building, upgrading and researching requires resources. Wood, silver and iron are obtained partly by plundering pirates and rival players, but also by generating them yourself. Wood mills, silver mints and iron forges can be built. You would think that the best place for these would be on the island, but bizarrely, they are placed way out at sea. Why on earth would you put a wood mill in the middle of the ocean? Wouldn’t it be better next to a forest?

It is very odd and this aspect of the game is not very well thought out. Fortunately, it does not spoil the game and the reason for placing resource buildings at sea is so that they can be plundered. You can attack other players with your ships and they can attack you.

Haypi Advanture for iOS

To defend your island and the resource production buildings, you can build various towers that fire on enemy ships that attack you. A wall can be built (in the sea of course), to keep out attackers, mines can be placed to blow them up, and a couple of ships can help out too.

The size of your fleet depends on the level of the dock and so you must upgrade it to increase the number of ships. However, upgrading one building often requires another to be upgraded first, or some new technology to be researched.

Fleets of ships, and there can be several, are led by heroes and these are recruited by buying people drinks at the tavern. Heroes then join you. Once you have a few, they can be trained at the training ground to increase their abilities.

Haypi Advanture for iOS

Progress in the game is slow unless you fund it with gold. This is used to speed up ship building, upgrades and research. Gold can be purchased with real money using in-app purchases and it is expensive, but you don’t have to buy it. A little is awarded in the game for various activities and if you have the patience, you can play without buying extra.

Haypi Advanture for iOS

Alliances with groups of other players can be created and there are lots of them. As is usual, it is competitive and a leader board shows the top alliances. Members can help each other with building, researching and resources. There is a private alliance chat room where you can post messages and in addition to this there is a global chat facility.

I find games like this entertaining and Haypi Adventure has plenty to keep you busy. It mixes building and researching with sea battles and plundering. I played it on an iPad, which gives the best experience, but it can be run on an iPhone too. There is no Android version.

Title: Haypi Adventure: Kingdom of Adventure 
Price: Free
Developer: Haypi Co. Ltd.
Version: 1.5.3
Size: 63 MB
iOS: 6.0 or later
Verdict: Slow unless you use IAP, but otherwise a good sea-faring MMOG.