Games developer Full Fat has two entertaining Blocky apps for the iPhone, iPad and Android phones and tablets. Blocky Football and Blocky Raider are perfect for passing a few hours at the weekend.


Blocky Football – Endless Arcade Runner

This app is just called Blocky Football on Android, but on iOS (I played it on an iPad), it is subtitled Endless Runner. You do run, but it is not endless. The aim is to run the length of the football pitch.

That’s American football and not the British variety. Mind you, it could just as easily be a British rugby game because the action is identical. The ball is kicked down the field by a member of the opposing team and you automatically catch it.

Your task is to run the length of the field and score a touchdown by reaching the other end. There are two types of obstacle in your way and you must avoid running into the backs of your own team members in front of you, and you must avoid being tackled by the opposing team members.

 Blocky Football for iOS Blocky Football for iOS

As you run the length of the pitch you must swipe left and right to sidestep around your team members and the opposing team members. This is similar to the endless run type of games as you switch left to right to avoid obstacles.

If you score a touchdown, an arrow slides left and right across the pitch. Tap when it is between the posts and you have the opportunity to kick a goal. This succeeds only if you are lined up in front of the posts, so you have to stop the sliding arrow at just the right moment.

The game is on an endless loop and a new play starts. Sooner or later you will be tackled or you’ll bump into someone. The graphics are blocky and retro style, but somehow it works and it looks great.

Blocky Football for iOS

There are lots of players to choose from, but most are locked at the start of the game and only slowly become available, unless you buy them. There are adverts, but you can pay the remove them. In-app purchases are pretty cheap though.

Title: Blocky Football (iOS | Android)
Price: Free
Developer: Full Fat
Verdict: Entertaining game based on American football.


Blocky Raider

In Blocky Raider you take on the role of an Indiana Jones type of character and the aim is to work your way through the Blocky Temple. It might as well be called the Temple of Doom because it is laden with traps that are designed to dispatch you to next world in various ways.

You run (it is actually more like bunny hops), up the screen by tapping and you can move left or right by swiping. There is no option to go back and if you linger too long in one place a ton weight drops from above and squashes you.

 Blocky Raider for iPhone and iPad Blocky Raider for iPhone and iPad

As you work your way forwards there are large boulders that roll across the screen, runaway trains that cross it, bridges over water that collapse behind you as you run, spinning blades that try to slice you into pieces, large blocks that try to squash you, traps that spring up from the floor and so on. Many are reminiscent of scenes in the Indiana Jones movies.

The aim is simply to progress as far as possible, which is not an easy task by any means. As with the other Blocky game, there are many different characters that you can choose from, although you will need to buy most of them. There are adverts to watch, which earns gold coins. Coins are used to insert into a machine that enables you to win prizes, such as other characters.

Blocky Raider app for iOS

The graphics are blocky and retro style, but the game is a lot of fun. Frustratingly difficult, but fun.

Title: Blocky Raider (iOS | Android)
Price: Free
Developer: Full Fat
Verdict: A good arcade-style game with a hint of Indiana Jones.