Riddle Stones – Cross numbers is a puzzle game that will put your logic skills to the test on your phone or tablet. Give your brain a good workout with a collection of over 1,000 games.

The app is a variation of a very common type of logic puzzle game and it is frequently called picross, nonogram, griddler and possibly other names, too. It is often found in puzzle collections in books, magazines and newspapers, and if you are a fan of this type of mind bender, you will enjoy this version. It has the traditional puzzles, but there are a few extras too.

Instead of simply presenting the puzzles, the format has been tweaked a little and you are on a journey to solve a mystery. Your route is drawn on a map and you progress from one point to another by completing one or more puzzles. For this you are awarded treasure.

Riddle Stones nonogram

If you haven’t yet tried one of these types of games, here is a quick guide. Each puzzle is an empty grid with numbers along the top and down the left-hand side. The numbers indicate filled in squares in each row and column. You tap the squares to fill them in according to the numbers.

If the numbers 2 and 3 are in a row, it indicates a block of two filled squares and a block of three. It doesn’t not tell you how many spaces are between the blocks, before the first one or after the last one. You must work this out for yourself and the numbers in other rows and columns provide the clues.

Riddle Stones for iOS

It is hard to describe, but easy to learn and at first there is a lot of help. The first few games show you exactly what to do and you will fly through them really quickly. You will be half way through the journey before you come to anything remotely difficult.

In the games you have a heart that shows your health and this is depleted a little whenever you make a mistake. If your health reaches zero then you lose a life. However, there some squares contain food and this tops up your health.

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There are boosters that can be collected, such as a Scatter booster which solves three squares on the grid. The boosters help you to solve the puzzles, but it’s best to save them for really difficult puzzles and not to use them up too soon.

Riddle Stones app

Extra lives can be purchased with gems and you get some for free. If you run out of lives and gems to buy them, you can purchase more gems and there are a range of in-app purchases from $1.39 to $109.99.

I played it on an iPad, but it also works on an iPhone and on Android devices as well. There are over 1,000 grids to solve and they become increasingly difficult. It’s an addictive game that has transferred well from print into app form.

Title: Riddle Stones – Cross Numbers (iOS | Android)
Price: Free
Developer: Ooblada
Size: 85.7 MB
iOS: 5.1.1 or later
Verdict: A good brainteaser game based on a popular type of logic puzzle.