There is a way to put important information on the lock screen of your iPhone that can be used in case of a medical emergency. Have you set it up yet? This guide shows how to do it.

What would happen if you fell, banged you head and were knocked out? What if you had a car accident? What if… There are countless situations in which you might end up injured in some way and require the emergency services.

If you are dying from a heart attack it is doubtful that a doctor or other medical expert would search your pockets for your phone and start playing around with it. Obviously their first priority would be to provide emergency medical care.

However, there may be time after the immediate situation has been brought under control, or there may be others around that can look at your phone while emergency treatment is being administered.

Your phone could provide important information, such as medical conditions, allergies to foods and drugs, people to contact, and so on.

Medical ID

To make information accessible even when the iPhone is locked, open the Health app and tap Medical ID at the bottom of the screen. If you have not used this before, it will show an information screen. Tap the red Create Medical ID link.

There us a switch at the top to turn the feature on or off. Set it to Show When Locked. There are sections for your date of birth, medical conditions, medical notes, allergies and reactions. You might want to tell people that you are diabetic for example, it would help whoever is treating you.

 iPhone Medical ID iPhone Health app

If nothing is entered then nothing is shown. This puts you in control of what is accessible from the phone’s lock screen.

Swipe up to reveal more items, such as medications, emergency contact, blood type, organ donor information and so on. Tap an item to type in the information or select Yes/No or other responses. Ignore any section you want to hide.

Tap add emergency contact and select a person in your contacts. If there is more than one telephone number for them, you can then select the number to use. You are prompted to enter the relationsip, such as partner, son, mother, and so on.

 iPhone Medical ID iPhone Health app

Enter any medications you take. None is a useful answer to enter too. The person treating you might be wondering if you have a medical condition and if you are taking some medications. If so, what?

In an emergency

In an emergency, someone can get your phone and swipe to the passcode screen. In the bottom left corner is Emergency. Tap it and then tap Medical ID.

 iPhone lock screen iPhone lock screen

The result is a screen that shows the information you entered.

iPhone Medical ID

The screen shows whatever information you enter, so you could in fact, enter any information you want. The medical conditions, medical notes and allergies and reactions are text fields into which you can type anything. You could get creative with some messages, like “If this phone is lost, please return it to-“ and so on. You might be able to recover a lost phone.