Tentacle Wars is a fascinating game for the iPhone, iPad, and Android phones and tablets that will have hooked within five minutes of firing up the game for the first time. Warning: It is very addictive!

The story is that there is an alien organism that is dying from a nasty infection. You control antibody cells and must attack and kill the invading cells before they take over and kill the host.

The battlefield is microscopic and it pits cell against cell. There are 80 single player scenarios to work through and there is a multiplayer option where you can battle other people online.

Tentacle Wars for iPhone

A typical level starts with one or more cells you own and these are in green. The enemy's invading cells are red, purple, blue and so on. There may be other neutral cells too.

The cells cannot move, but by dragging from one cell to another, you can send out a tentacle. When a tentacle reaches an enemy cell or a neutral one, you have the opportunity to take it over and convert it to one of your own.

The game involves sending tentacles from your cells to others and to eventually take over all the cells on the screen. It sounds easy, perhaps even boring, but it is far from it. The action is fast and frustrating, but in a good way.

Tentacle Wars for iOS

Each cell has a certain amount of energy (the number on it), and this slowly increases over time, but sending out tentacles requires energy. Sometimes you have to wait until you have enough energy to send out a tentacle.

When a tentacle reaches an enemy cell it is a battle of cells in which the one with the most energy wins. Cells can be linked so energy flows from one to the other, so you can attack with one cell while one or more others linked to it feed it with the energy it needs and to replace expended enrgy.

Tentacle Wars app

You sometimes have to build a network of cells feeding energy to those attacking or being attacked. Tentacle Wars is a sort of puzzle game and barriers block tentacles and force you to go around them. Neutral cells can be converted to yours, but sometimes you need to be quick. The enemy cells are trying to do the same.

Tentacle Wars is a sort of strategy war puzzle game that combines all three elements. Multiple cells are often under attack from different directions, you must create energy supply networks to support them, all the while trying to figure out how best to counter attack the enemy.

Once you start playing, an hour can pass without you noticing. You will fail many levels, but you can retry them over and over, trying different strategies to find the one that works.

Tentacle Wars for iPhone and iPad

Tentacle Wars is a great game. I played it on the iPhone and iPad, but you'll find it on Android too. There are adverts, but they aren't too bothersome. Get it, you'll love it.

Title: Tentacle Wars 
Price: Free
Developer: FDG Mobile Games GbR
Size: 40 MB
IOS: 6.0 or later
Verdict: A brilliant game that is recommended