Become a messaging expert on the iPhone and amaze your friends -

Do you know how to forward a message to someone else on the iPhone? How about forwarding a whole conversation consisting of multiple messages to someone? Here is a step-by-step guide. It’s easy!

Sometimes when you have been chatting to someone you might wish you had included another person in the conversation, or perhaps something came up that you think someone else should know about.

Messages you receive in the Messages app on the iPhone can be forwarded to someone else and not only a single message, but the whole conversation. Any number of messages can be forwarded.

You can even edit the contents and choose which messages within a conversation you want to forward. This applies not only to text, but to images, emojis and anything else in the conversation.

You could, for example, pick out all the photos exchanged in a chat session and forward them to one or more others. You can have great fun with this, sharing the best bits of your chats with friends.

1 Show the menu

Open the Messages app on the iPhone, select the conversation and long press on one of the message bubbles. A menu is displayed with Copy and More... Press More...

Long press on messages on the iPhone to access the menu


2 Select the messages

Down the left-hand margin are selection buttons. Tap and select the messages you would like to forward. They can be messages you sent or received. Here the two messages with emoji have been selected, but they can be text or photos. When you are done, press the Forward button in the bottom right corner.

Select messages for forwarding on the iPhone


3 Create the message

The usual screen for creating a new message appears. Tap in the To: at the top and start typing a name, then select the recipient from the suggested contacts.

The selected messages appear in the edit box and you can see the two emoji messages that were selected. The forwarded messages can be edited and you can add your own text or photos to it. When you have finished creating the message, just press the Send button as usual.

Forward messages and conversations on the iPhone

Now you know how to share your messages, go to the Messages app and try it. Share some photos or funny messages with your friends.