Risky Road is an addictive game for the iPhone and iPad

You think you are a good driver? How about driving a truck with eggs in the back and you have to negotiate hills and obstacles without breaking them? Welcome to Risky Road, an app for iOS.

In Risky Road for the iPhone or iPad you drive a truck and in the back is an extra large egg. There isn’t a story, so it isn’t clear why you have it or where you are going.

It doesn’t matter and the challenge is simply to drive as far as possible without crashing the truck or causing it to bounce so violently that the egg is thrown out of the vehicle whereupon it breaks as it hits the ground.

The only control you have over the truck is press accelerate. Press the screen and the truck goes faster, but lift your finger and it slows down. It couldn’t be simpler and it is all the control that is required.

The fun is in the challenging obstacles that you meet in this endless sideways scrolling game. It would be a lot easier if the game was played in landscape mode where you could see what is coming, but in portrait you can’t see very far ahead and you must be cautious.

 Risky Road is a driving game for the iPhone and iPad Risky Road is a driving game for the iPhone and iPad

You might need to power up a steep hill, but then almost slow to a stop at the top so you can carefully run down the other side. However, if it is a double hill you might need to keep on the power to launch into the air off the top of the first hill to land on the top of the second hill.

This is the challenge - working out when to drive fast and when to drive slowly. You often have to be going at just the right speed to negotiate each type of obstacle.

Risky Road is a driving game for the iPhone and iPad

There are gaps over rivers that you must jump at just the right speed to land on the far side. There is a complete loop-the-loop in which you go upside down at the top.

There is a rickety bridge to carefully drive cross, gaps over rivers with platforms in the middle that you can bounce off, speed bumps that pop up in front of you and more.

Risky Road is a driving game for the iPhone and iPad

Risky Road is a hard game and you will crash a lot at first, but it gets easier with practise. It is very addictive and so practising isn’t a problem. You won’t be able to stop!

Different trucks are available for purchase if you earn enough points within the game.

There is a downside to the app and the adverts spoil the fun. At times it isn’t so much a game with ads, but a collection of ads with the occasional game in between. If they drive you nuts, and they will, you can remove them for a small fee (US $1.99 / UK £1.99). It isn’t much to pay for what is quite an entertaining game.

Risky Road driving game for the iPhone and iPad

Title: Risky Road (iOS App Store)
Developer: Ketchapp
Price: Free
Size: 59 MB
iOS: 6.0 or later
Verdict: Frustrating, but addictive and great fun.