Play tennis on the iPhone and iPad with One Tap Tennis

iOS app review: One Tap Tennis is a brilliant game from Chillingo that takes you on a world tennis tour, playing match after match. Can you win the tournaments and beat all opponents?

One Tap Tennis is a pixelated retro style game with graphics that would not look out of place on 1980s computers. However, this low-res style of game has become very popular with owners of high-res mobile phones and tablets. It is strange when you think about it, but oddly it is also quite good fun.

The entertainment comes not from having fantastic realistic high resolution graphics, but from the simple, basic, but very addictive gameplay. There is nothing to it and all it requires is the use of one finger to tap on the screen. You are definitely not going to get fit playing this game of tennis. It is for armchair athletes only!

Your opponent is positioned at the top of the screen and you are at the bottom. Both players move around the court automatically and will run towards the ball, so you don’t need to worry about getting into position or sprinting from side to side. Your character runs left, right, up and down automatically and gets ready to hit the ball as it comes at him.

 Play tennis on your iPhone with One Tap Tennis Play tennis tournaments on your iPhone or iPad

When your opponent hits the ball, a thick yellow line follows it down the screen. Just in front of you is a horizontal red band with yellow bands top and bottom. When the yellow line comes down the screen and passes over the red band you tap the screen, which causes your player to whack the ball back.

If you misjudge tapping the screen and are too early or late and the yellow line is in the yellow area, you hit the ball, but not as well. It can still be a winning shot, but it is less likely that hitting it when the line is in the red band.

Miss the red and yellow bands by tapping too early or late and you miss the ball. This is a sudden death match and when you lose the point you lose the game.

Play tennis on your iPhone or iPad

There are a series of tournaments and in each are several players. You play each one in turn and must beat them to win the tournament. Lose one match and you begin again and must play them all again. This is very frustrating, but in a fun way and it makes it very addictive.

As you beat player after player they become progressively better and it becomes harder to win. The difficulty is partly the speed of the game and it becomes faster as you progress. Short shots provide little time to react and varying the speed can make you misjudge when to tap the screen.

With three tournaments and unlock a world ranking match. You can also choose from a range of characters, some of which you can earn by playing, but others can be purchased. It isn’t compulsory, so it is up to you. Your player can also be customised and different attributes chosen, like the clothes worn.

 Play tennis on your iPhone or iPad Play tennis on your iPhone or iPad

The only criticism of the game is that you focus so hard on the yellow line heading towards the red band that you don't really see much of the tennis game. It doesn't spoil the fun much, but it would be nice to see the game. Perhaps having a video replay option so you can see that last game played would be a useful extra.

I played this on an iPhone and iPad and it was great fun. Chillingo has a winner with this game and it is brilliant. Grab a copy for your iOS device.

Title: One Tap Tennis (iOS App Store)
Price: Free
Developer: Chillingo
Size: 64 MB
iOS: 7.0 or later
Verdict: Possibly the best tennis game you’ll play on your phone