Fingers or thumbs will do when securing Notes on your iPhone with a fingerprint

Do you store personal information in the Notes app on your iPhone or iPad? Are there notes you would rather people didn’t see? Make those private notes extra secure by locking them with a fingerprint.

Anything you store in the Notes app on your iPhone or iPad can be protected by locking it with a password or fingerprint. Although both devices can themselves be locked, sometimes other people use them and this opens up the possibility of them snooping and seeing personal and private information.

For example, someone may borrow your iPhone to see your latest photos, or to make a phone call. You might put your phone down for a minute, forget to lock it, and someone could pick it up.

Your iPad may be a shared device that your partner or even your children use. In this case everyone might have access to the device and locking notes is even more important.

Locking notes makes sense when certain information is stored and it is possible to lock some notes while leaving others unlocked. A shopping list, to-do list and similar notes can be left unlocked, while bank details, work information and similar notes can be locked.

1 Open Notes

Open the notes app and select a folder. Press the button at the bottom of the screen to create a new note. (You can skip creating a note if you have one already made that you want to lock.)

Create a new note in the Notes app on the iPhone and iPad

2 Share it

Create the note, for example, type in the information you want to store. When you have finished the note, press the Share button.

Create a new note in the Notes app on the iPhone and iPad

3 Share options

There is something totally unexpected on the Share menu. Under the row of sharing buttons is a collection of useful functions and one of these is Lock Note. This is not the place you would think to look for a lock facility and many people do not realise it is available. Press the Lock Note button.

Sharing options in the Notes app for the iPhone and iPad

4 Use your finger

A password can be entered to lock a note, but it is simpler, easier and quicker to use the fingerprint reader - the home button on the iPhone.

Use Touch ID for Notes on the iPhone and ipad

5 Locked notes

The note is not yet locked, but it is lockable. Press the OK button and then press the open padlock at the top of the screen. This locks the note so that no-one else can access it. It does not lock any other notes.

A locked note in the Notes app for the iPhone and iPad

6 View locked notes

If a locked note is selected, it does not display and there is a large lock in the centre of the screen. Press View Note and either enter the password or use your fingerprint to unlock it.

A locked note in the Notes app for iPhone and iPad

With your private information hidden in locked notes, you don’t need to worry about lending your iPhone or iPad to someone. They will not be able to see anything you don’t want them to see.