A new look at the latest version of Apple News for iPhone and iPad

Apple News for iOS has been around for some time now and it has been tweaked and seen a few minor updates making it better than the original launch app. Let’s take a fresh look at it.

My original comparison of Apple News and Google Play Newsstand resulted in a win for Google, but Apple News had only just been released, whereas Google Play Newsstand was well established. Has anything changed?

The Apple News For You home page news feed is a bit more text heavy and is a mixture of all-text, text with a small image, and text with a large image. It has some interesting features that you might not have discovered.

Swipe left over a news story and three quick actions are displayed. These are Like, Save and Share. This is interesting, but if you think about it, you are being asked to like, save or share a news story before you have read it. All you see in the news feed is the title and half the first sentence of the story.

Swipe right over a news story in the feed and three more buttons appear on the left, Dislike, Mute Channel and Report. Disliking news stories should mean you see less of them.

 Apple News app for iOS Apple News app for iOS

News stories can be saved for later by tapping the button in the bottom right corner. Go to your saved stores and there are more swipe actions. Swipe right over a story and there are the same three options - Dislike, Mute Channel and Report.

Swipe left over a story and your can Add or Remove Like, Share, and Don’t Save. Pressing Don’t Save will remove the item from the Saved screen.

 Apple News app for iPhone and iPad Apple News app for iPhone and iPad

Landscape mode is available, although the news stories seem to display better in portrait mode. Either way, there is usually, but not always, a button in the top right corner to change the text size.

Apple News app for iOS
Apple News landscape mode and text size control

The app supports Dynamic Type, so you can go to Settings, General, Accessibility, Larger Text to adjust the text size.

The iPad version of the Apple News app is very nice and it has a newspaper or magazine look to it. The news feed home screen looks great and I prefer it to Google Play Newsstand, which has a fixed grid blocky look to it.

Apple News app for iPad
Apple News on the iPad

Apple News is getting better with each new version and it has a good range of news sources, it looks great on the iPad and OK on the iPhone.

Title: Apple News
Price: Free - bundled with iOS
Developer: Apple
Verdict: Good and steadily getting better. Nice on the iPad.