OneNote on the iPhone - check out the new features

Apple Notes is not the only notes app on the iPhone and Microsoft OneNote is pretty good. Are you keeping up with the latest OneNote tweaks and additions? Here are tips for photos and fonts.

OneNote for iPhone keeps on improving and although it has some tough competitors in Apple Notes and Google Keep, it has more features than both of them.

The latest version of OneNote on the iPhone has a tabbed interface and your notes are across the top. Down in the bottom right corner is a large plus button and pressing it pops up a little menu. It is remarkably like Android.

Create a new note

Press Photo to add a photograph to a new note. You then have the option to choose from the library or to take a picture using the camera. Let’s select From Library.

 Create a new note in OneNote for the iPhone Create a new note in OneNote on the iPhone and insert photos

Select the photos

Open the Camera Roll and then just tap the photos you want to add to a note. Multiple photos can be added by tapping several photos and then pressing Done in the top right corner.

The selected photos are then inserted into a new note.

 Select photos to insert into a note in OneNote on the iPhone Insert multiple photos into OneNote notes on the iPhone

Photo toolbar

Press a photo and a toolbar appears at the top. On the right is a newish feature that enables photos to be rotated. This could be useful if portrait photos are inserted and you want them in landscape mode.

Press Rotate and then press either Rotate Left or Rotate Right.

 The image toolbar in OneNote for the iPhone Rotate an image in a note in OneNote on the iPhone

Go to settings

Let’s take a look at the display of notes and how it can be changed in the latest version of OneNote for the iPhone. Press the menu button in the top left corner of the screen and then press the gear icon at the bottom to open the settings.

In the Settings, press Edit & View.

 The menu panel in OneNote for the iPhone The settings in OneNote on the iPhone

Font and size

There is a control for adjusting the default size of the text in notes and you just press the plus and minus buttons to change it.

Press Calibri next to Default Font to select a different default font for notes. There is a small collection to choose from.

The default font and size options for new notes in OneNote on the iPhone

You are no longer stuck with whatever OneNote was using for the default view. Now you can choose whichever font and size suits you best.