Steppy Pants is a great game for the iPhone and iPad. Walk down the street, but don't step on a crack or you'll fall and break your back!

Steppy Pants is a brilliantly simple game that is possibly the most fun you will have on your phone for some time. It is maddeningly frustrating, but highly addictive and it’s a winner!

In this app for the iPhone (you can find a similar Android version), all you have to do is to walk along a paved footpath by the side of a road. Well, that’s not quite all you have to do, you must not step on a crack - or you’ll fall and break your back, obviously.

That’s it. Walk down the street avoiding stepping on the cracks like kids do when they are having fun.

The character you control is all floppy and hard to control though. You have to learn to walk all over again, and it’s not easy. That is what makes it so entertaining and so challenging.

Tap the screen and the guy throws one leg forward, tap again and the other leg is lifted and moved too. If you tap, tap, tap, the guy shuffles along, but it is not a good strategy for stepping over the cracks and you are more likely to step on them and fall over.

 Steppy Pants free game for iPhone and iPad Steppy Pants free game for iPhone and iPad

You must take long strides to step over the cracks. The length of time your finger is on the screen as you tap determines the length of stride. However, we’re talking milliseconds here and you still have to tap, but if you press and release slightly slower then you will take a long step.

Long steps are more reliable than short steps, which often result in catastrophe, and you can get into a rhythm tapping on the screen at a certain speed. It’s really hard and harder than you imagine, but although it is frustrating, it is very addictive because you always think that with one more go you can get it right.

As you walk down the path, the cracks appear at irregular intervals, so you must adjust your stride. Place one foot on each paving stone as you walk along and you get a bonus. Sometimes you have to cross a road, but mostly the cars wait for you.

As you progress, some of the paving stones are replaced by TNT, which blows you high into the air when you step on them.

 Steppy Pants free game for iPhone and iPad Steppy Pants free game for iPhone and iPad

There are coins to be picked up as you walk and these can be used to play a one-armed bandit type machine that awards prizes. You can earn more coins by watching adverts too.

Your character is customisable and this is how the game makes its money. You’ll earn a few extras by playing the game, but most items - heads, bodies and legs - cost money. They aren’t essential, but you can buy them if you want. It’s a free game, so you should at least buy something to reward the developer.

Who would have thought that walking down the street could be so much fun?

Title: Steppy Pants (iOS App Store)
Price: Free
Developer: Super Entertainment
Size: 75MB
iOS: 8.0 or later
Verdict: A great game that is challenging and entertaining. Simple, but fun graphics.