3 recipe apps for iOS to keep you busy in the kitchen

If you are stuck for ideas in the kitchen and don't know what to cook, here are three free iPhone apps packed with mouth-watering recipes. You can find a meal for every occasion and time of the day.


Yummly Recipes & Recipe Box

Yummly starts off with a series of questions in order to find out more about your. For example, it asks you how many adults and children you cook for, which countries foods you like, such as Indian, Chinese, American, Italian, British and so on. You can enter any allergies, whether you are on a special diet, which foods you dislike, and whether your cooking skills beginner, intermediate or advanced. It then personalises the app based on your preferences.

You can then browse the recipes selected for you. There are chocolate cake recipes, vegan recipes, soup recipes and more. The photography is excellent and everything looks delicious. The app is a visual treat. Select a recipe and the ingredients are listed. The number of people you are cooking for can be selected and this changes the amounts, which is useful.

The nutritional information is a great feature and it shows the number of calories, amount of salt, fat, carbs and fibre.

The app goes to a website to view the cooking instructions, different ones for different recipes. Some websites are good, but some spoils the app a bit because of unrelated content in adverts.

It acts as an interface for a bunch of cookery and recipe websites, and it even pulls in YouTube videos showing how to cook the meals. Yummly is mostly brilliant and the food looks great.

 Yummly recipe app for the iPhone Yummly recipe app for the iPhone

ChefChili - Healthy Recipes Cookbook

The menu button opens a panel on the left that displays categories of recipes. These include 111 countries, 79 food types, 15 occasions, 11 diets, 17 courses, 11 eating times, and several more. You can easily find recipes for a birthday, BBQ, breakfast, lunch, a snack, French, Australian, Irish and many more.

Select a category and a subcategory, and then a list of recipes is displayed. For example, you could go to the Taste Bud category and look for spicy recipes, or search for chili recipes. Tap an item and there is a small photo with servings, cooking time and chef rating. the ingredients and preparation instructions are on separate tabs. It’s all straightforward and clearly presented.

There are a couple of unusual features and a kitchen appliance can be selected, you then see recipes based on that appliance. For example, select a casserole dish and you get casserole recipes. Another unusual feature is that you can download ebooks on cookery, free and paid, and add them to iooks.

The standout feature of this recipe app is the full screen advert that gets in the way when you navigate the menus. Getting rid of them is cheap though.

This is a pretty good app for finding great things to cook and there are lots of recipes to try.

 ChefCili recipe app for the iPhone ChefChili recipe app for the iPhone

Must-Have Recipes from Better Homes and Gardens

Must-Have Recipes has 570 free recipes to choose from and add-on packs of other recipes that can be purchased for $0.99 each. The free app categories include breads, deserts, grilling, main dish, holiday cooking, salad, side dishes and more. The extra packs include 30-minute dinners, healthy recipes , Mexican, cookies and bars, and several more.

The presentation of the recipes is excellent and there is a large photo that looks brilliant. Below is a list of ingredients, the number of servings, the time it takes to prepare and how long it takes to cook. The separate preparation and cooking times are useful.

The preparation is on a separate tab and is presented as a step-by-step guide. There are lots of videos too and these are well presented. You can see various meals or foods being prepared.

One of the best features of this app is the the way that you can add all the ingredients for a recipe to a shopping list. You can then check the kitchen cupoards and tick off items you already have. Then you know exactly what to buy when you are out shopping, ticking them off as you put them in your shopping basket.

Must-Have Recipes is a superb app, but you do need to add some of the extra recipe packs.

 Must-Have Recipes for iPhone Must-Have Recipes for iPhone

There is sufficient content for free in these apps to keep you busy in the kitchen and your family and friends fed for months. There are even more recipes available with downloadable ebooks, extra recipe packs and more. To find these apps, just open the Store app on your iPhone, tap the search icon at the bottom and search for the name.

You’ll never be short of ideas for a meal with these three apps on your iPhone.