Dream City: Metropolis is where you can practise building businesses and manufacturing - iOS and Android

Dream City: Metropolis is a free city building app for iPhone, iPad and Android that is very entertaining. Warning: Its gameplay is highly addictive and it is an app you cannot put down.

This free app is a compelling city building game in which you start out with a small and almost empty plot of land near to the sea and you must build it up. You start with very little, but eventually what starts out as a small village will grow into a busy and thriving metropolis.

The game begins with you building a few houses and these attract people to live in the growing town. Growing the population is one of the conditions for upgrading the City Hall, which makes more buildings available.

Population growth is just an aside and your main task is to build factories, build businesses and fulfill customer orders. There are several stages to fulfilling an order and a depot at a nearby station receives crates of raw materials for the factories and you must keep the supplies coming.

Factories can produce a range of products and you must select the right product to manufacture. When the items are ready they can be transferred to the businesses to fulfill the orders.

Some orders require multiple items and you must go to the factories that manufacture them and set them working. Some products are manufactured from one or more other products, so one factory will produce items for another factory that is supplying a business, which has a customer waiting for an order. Everything is linked.

Dream City: Metropolis game for the Apple iPad and iPhone

Dream City: Metropolis game for the Apple iPad and iPhone

It sounds complicated, but it isn’t and you are guided every step of the way. The game’s interface is very well designed and it shows you what to do, tells you which products you need, where they are produced, where they can be collected from, when they are ready and so on.

It sounds like a slow game and city building often is, but Dream City runs at a hectic pace. You don’t have a second to spare and you are always doing something. This is down to the design of the game, which is excellent.

Some games are slow to start and then become better as you build up the city. This is the opposite and there is so much to do at first and progress is so fast and easy that you can play constantly for an hour without pausing for breath.

The game slows down eventually as products take longer to manufacture, but even after a week, the pace of the game is still exciting.

Dream City: Metropolis game for the Apple iPad and iPhone

Dream City: Metropolis game for the Apple iPad and iPhone

There is money to be earned by fulfilling orders and this is used to buy more houses, more businesses, more factories and more land on which to expand. After a certain number of orders for a business have been fulfilled, you have mastered that business. No more orders come from it, but new businesses become available, so you constantly build businesses, master them and more on to bigger and better businesses.

There are in-app purchases and these enable you to cut short the waiting time when manufacturing goods. You won’t need to buy any at first because the waiting times are so short and there is so much to do. Maybe after a week or two you might want to speed things up a little, but you can get a long way into this game for free.

This is an addictive game that you can’t put down. The graphics are excellent, the interface is perfect, and the game design is well thought out. If you like city building games then this is one of the best.

Title: Dream City: Metropolis (Apple App Store | Google Play Store)
Price: FreeS
Developer: Storm8 Studios
Size: 96MB
Verdict: I played the iPad version and it was great fun.