Arma Mobile Ops for the iPad - a modern warfare game

Arma Mobile Ops is a modern warfare game for the iPhone, iPad and Android phones and tablets. It puts you in command of an elite army and with a mission to destroy the enemy wherever they may lurk. Will you survive?

This mobile app is based on a common theme and you start off with a few basic buildings and you must expand and strengthen your army camp by adding various types of buildings. Base buildings include barracks, offices, a comms centre, alliance centre and operation planning.

You also need defensive structures to protect your base like walls, machine guns, mortars, autocannons, pillboxes, landmines, and so on.

To build up the base and defensive structures you need resources and these consist of fuel and supplies. They require their own buildings and storage facilities. As you build and upgrade the camp's structures they require increasing amounts of fuel and supplies.

Arma Mobile Ops for the iPad - a modern warfare game

Arma Mobile Ops for the iPad - a modern warfare game

The graphics are the best feature of the game and it looks really good. The buildings are nicely drawn and some features, like fans, are animated. Everything yopu need is brought in by helicopter and small ones bring fuel and supplies, while big ones transport massive containers with building materials, and drop them while hovering over the base. It looks superb.

Soldiers and other units to be used in battles are hired in the office building and the barracks are used for recovering units after battle. Surviving soldiers become more experienced and better in battle, but upgrades that make them more deadly are available too.

There are two types of battle and you can attack other player’s bases, which is a case of your army versus their defences. You can also be attacked by other players too, so your own base defences are important.

The app finds a suitable opponent for you to attack and if you win, there are command points, fuel and supplies to take back to your base. If you lose and your army is defeated you just have to hire more soldiers in the office building.

There is also a campaign with 123 missions that start out quite easy and gradually become more difficult as you progress. You can work your way through those and see how far you get.

Arma Mobile Ops for the iPad - a modern warfare game

Arma Mobile Ops looks great and in theory it should be a fantastic game because it has all the elements required. However, there are some irritations.

One is the slow speed at which buildings and upgrades take place. It quickly escalates to many hours. Command points can be used to speed things up and finish building and upgrades immediately, but you quickly run out of free ones and they are quite expensive to buy. The top in-app purchase is near enough $100 and even just a moderate amount of command points for speeding up the game would cost $20.

Arma Mobile Ops for the iPad - a modern warfare game

Another irritation is that your army units are dumb. You can place them anywhere at the start of a battle so as best to attack the enemy. However, you have no control once the battle begins.

A group of soldiers will sometimes stand firing at an empty building (they can be destroyed), while a machine gun shoots them in the back, killing them off one by one. They don’t have the intelligence to turn around and fire on the machine gun and take it out.

The slow building speed and dumb soldiers spoil what is otherwise quite a good game. It is OK and it is worth installing and playing, but with a few tweaks it could be so much better. I played the iPad version and it looks great.

Title: Arma Mobile Apps (iOS | Android)
Price: Free (with in-app purchases)
Developer: Bohemia Interactive a.s.
iOS: 8.0 or later | Android: 4.3 and up
Verdict: A bit slow to build up your base and army, but battles are interesting.