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Apple bundles a useful collection of apps with the iPhone and the home screen is filled with icons. This is fine if all you ever use are the built in apps, but if you use alternative ones, wouldn’t it be better if you could replace Apple’s with your own on the home screen? You can.

You might want to use Skype instead of FaceTime, Google Maps instead of Apple Maps, Kindle instead of iBooks, OneNote or Evernote and so on. There are lots of alternative apps and some of them are better than Apple’s. Does anyone really use the Stocks app?

Long press on an app until they all start to jiggle and you can, of course, delete them. However, iOS won’t let you delete Apple apps and you are stuck with them even if you don’t use them.

Although you cannot remove them, you can hide them and this at least gets them out of the way. There are two ways to do this and one is to long press on the Apple apps until they jiggle and then drag them off the right side of the screen and drop them on another screen. After freeing up some space on the home screen, you can drag your favourite apps to the home screen.

iPhone home scree new ---> iPhone home screen

Another way to hide the Apple apps is to drag one on the home screen and drop it on another. This creates a folder and you can name it something obvious like Apple Apps. Drag all the apps you don’t need to this folder icon and drop them. You can long press and drag the folder itself to another screen if you want. After making space, you can then add your own apps to the home screen.

What about the tray at the bottom with Phone, Mail, Safari and Music? They can be replaced too. OK, let’s leave the phone icon, after all there isn’t really an alternative. You can long press Safari and replace it with an alternative like Chrome, Mail can be replaced with Gmail and Music can be replaced with Spotify or whatever you use to play music.

Start customising the iPhone’s home screen and add your favourite apps.