The Pokemon Go phenomenon is sweeping the world -

If the question was raised six months ago that Pokemon Go would become a bona fide sensation for public and would change how technology in the form of games app development will interact with real life environment, it sure would have seemed a fantasy.

Today, it is happening virtually.

A handful of critics are always there that bash the game or an app for crashing servers or airtight security concerns, but this AR app is has been and is being downloaded-and being enjoyed-by a tremendous number of people. There’s an addiction to Pokemon Go, and it is something mobile app developers will seek to replicate.

Today, we will discuss how this game will affect the future of mobile game app development-and along with it-we will understand why Pokemon Go has become so wildly successful?

Augmented Reality

The most important signature of Pokemon Go success existence is the seamless AR feature. Users are able to see the tiny monsters in real surroundings on their phone screens-real physical locations-landmarks, shops, businesses, monuments, Gyms, where they can battle, or Poke-stops, from where the users can collect items.

The augmented reality feature becomes possible due to the availability of latest GPs technology, the processing power of our devices, as well as mobile practicality for layering new item over an already existing one. Pokemon Go is a huge success because it takes places in the real world by interacting with the digital one. This will bring more and more future apps focused on augmented reality feature.

This step in future is expected to go even further by mobile app developers, as one of our reliable mobile app development company VeztekUSA even explains. The future can hold a step of rolling virtual reality-expecting the new world’s creation before eyes.

The Process of Gamification

When an idea or an object from ordinary routine is turned into game, to get people engaged, to get people involved, in specific tasks for entertainment-the process is known as gamification. In case of Pokemon Go; walking, travelling to different places and landmarks, earning awards for seeing new Pokemon’s has become a game.

These gamified elements included in this process make digital and physical realities so seamless-for future the developers will be aiming for this angle.

Pokemon Go app

Potential of Going Further

Mobile apps and even game apps mostly have a specified potential. The content, levels, and even things have only so much to explore, see, and play through. #PokemonGo has a great potential of keeping players busy and excited for leveling up the characters and filling up the Pokedexes. Gaming app development’s future is going to be customizable, individualistic, ever expanding, and with infinite potential.

Learning Curve

A lesson for futures gaming app development from Pokemon Go for developers is to nail the learning curves. When apps become too simple, players get bored and when it becomes complex, the new players run away leaving your user base to the point of never growing phase. Pokemon Go sets an example of a simple for easy entry, but reward giving for users who discover complex mechanics. Future of app world will have more apps to mimic the provision set by Pokemon Go.


This art is not new for gaming apps, but Pokemon Go has taken a rather passive approach for these items. You will be able to use coins in this app which are purchased with real money-these let you further purchase items which such as lucky eggs, incense, lures-yet none of these purchased items are involved in enjoyment of game, nor are they opportunities-they are just items players seem to get excited for dropping few more dollars on extra items.

Social Element

For an app to succeed in this current era of technology, keeping it social was a key factor. In Pokemon Go you can build teams, you can build loyalty, you can encourage bonding of team members, you can hunt Pokemon together by sharing lures, and can even exchange tips for maximizing their experience. Such social factors can make a huge difference to people and such aspects are responsible for letting them engage with each other.


The future of gaming app development has been greatly shaped by Pokemon Go. Within few days, significant new forms of physical and digital integrations, social and addictive nature elements are seen and are also expected to become a part of the most popular mobile apps in the near future.


AuthorSani Abdul Jabar is Managing Director of VeztekUSA a well known Web and Mobile App Development Company based in Los Angeles, California. He has extensive experience in building and leading innovative and collaborative software development teams to deliver major software applications. Twitter: @VezTekUSA