Ninja Volleyball 2X is an Android and iOS app in which ninjas play volleyball. In addition to the usual volleyball action on the court, there are also ninja special moves to add to the entertainment.

This is basically a 2D volleyball game viewed side on and there are two players in each team. You choose your two team members and your opponents are controlled by the app.

When the other team hits the ball, you must tap it to block it and prevent them scoring. After the block, swiping up the screen causes your ninja player to hit it high into the air. At the highest point you swipe diagonally down to hit it into the opposing team’s half of the court.

Score and you get to serve. Win your serve and you get a point. The game is over when someone reaches 8 points.

Ninja Volleyball 2X

The action isn’t too fast, at least in the early stages I played, and it was fairly easy to play. No doubt it gets harder and faster as you progress and gain experience. The app aims to provide a balanced opponent.

Your shots can be aimed, although the opponents nearly always seemed to block it and return it no matter where I aimed it.

To make the game more interesting, your ninja players have special powers like Shuriken Toss, which makes your next shot unblockable. Fireball turns the ball into a flaming ball that inflicts damage. Alchemy and Transcendance improve your player’s defensive capabilities.

Ninja Volleyball 2X

The special powers are arranged as icons down the left and right edges of the screen and you must tap one before swiping for your attack or defense.

As you play games, your players gain experience points and and these can be used it increase a player’s strength, agility and intellect. Strength increases attack damage, speed and chances of success, agility increases health and defensive accuracy and chances, and intellect increases spell power.

In addition to playing the app, there is a multiplayer option and you connect to a game server and challenge other players around the world. This type of game is a lot harder and faster, and you need to build up your skills before challenging anyone. I lost my first game 8-0. I didn’t score a point!

There are a few rough edges in the app that need polishing, but it is fun to play and challenging. If you like the idea of playing volleyball, try the app, it’s free (there are in-app purchases as usual).

Title: Ninja Volleyball 2X (iOS | Android)
Price: Free
Developer: ReixaCode
Size: 62MB
iOS: 8.0 or later | Android: 27MB
Verdict: An entertaining volleyball game with ninja special powers