Top tips for using Safari on the iPhone and iPad - now you can share links with friends!

There are so many different taps, swipes and other gestures on the iPhone and iPad that it is hard to remember them all. Here are some tips for using Safari that you should definitely commit to memory.

Safari is a speedy and feature-packed web browser that is bundled with the iPhone and iPad and it has some useful features that are worth getting to know. Some of them are not so obvious though, such as long pressing links on web pages. If you are used to using a browser on a desktop computer, you might not think of doing this on a phone or tablet.

When you see a link on a web page and press it, Safari goes to that web page as you would expect, but if you press and hold on a link, something different happens. The link can be a plain text hyperlink or an image link, such as a button or other type of image.

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Here is what happens when you press and hold a link on a web page:

Safari on the iPhone

Selecting Open in a new tab is useful if you want to keep the current web page open. It is easy to lose track of an interesting website when you start following links here there and everywhere.

You can backtrack by pressing the Back button of course, but opening links on new tabs is more convenient. When you are done with a web page, press the tabs button in the bottom right corner of Safari and you can swipe it away. You can only swipe it left though. Swiping right does nothing.

Safari on the iPhone

Long press on a link of any kind on a web page and press Share on the menu that is displayed at the bottom of the screen. You can now share web links through Messages, Mail, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and other places (it depends on what apps you have installed). This is a great idea for sharing interesting and useful finds on the web.

Safari on the iPhone

When you see a website you want to share with your friends, long press the link, tap Share and then press the Facebook icon. It creates a neat little post with a thumbnail and headline, and leaves pace for you to add your own comment.

Safari on the iPhone

If you see a link to an interesting article on a web page, but you don’t have time to read it right now, long press on the link and select Add to Reading List. It is stored for later and you can carry on browsing the web.

When you want to see your Reading List, press the book icon at the bottom of the screen, followed by the Reading List tab (middle one with the reading glasses).

Safari on the iPhone

To remove one of these items from the reading list, swipe it to the left to reveal Mark Read and Delete options. You can hide article that have been read using the link at the bottom of the screen. It toggles between Show All and Show Unread.

Safari on the iPhone

I have been using iOS 10 for these tips, but some will work in previous versions of iOS. Try them and see.