Three games for you to play on your iPhone and iPad. Dan The Man is the Game of the Week! |

Are looking for new challenges on your iPhone or iPad? Here are three great games you should take a close look at. They have everything from skateboarding to alien invasions and ninja warriors.

 These are some of the entertaining games I have been playing over the last week and if you need more, there are another 3 great games to play here.

Star Sk8r

In Star Sk8r you control a character on a skateboard and it is fast and fun. You are on a steep road heading downhill and it twists left and right, sometimes doubling back on itself. The controls are simple and you just press the left or right side of the screen to turn. Weaving is also a way to scrub off speed.

You take to the air when there is a rise in the road and while airborne you can spin around to perform a trick and earn bonus points. Barriers across the road must be avoided and so must the road edges or you will take a tumble on the tarmac. Fortunately, you can be revived with a burrito.

Bonuses are in the road, such as cash and clocks, and you just run through them. You get points for the time remaining when you complete a stage, the maximum speed and tricks performed. There are also cars and trucks on the road and these must be avoided.

Star Sk8r is an entertaining free game, but it would be more fun if the stages were longer, or perhaps an endless skate mode where you just try to last as long as possible. The brief bursts of skating are great though.

 Star Sk8r for the iPhone and iPad

Star Sk8r, a free game for the iPhone and iPad

Smash Invaders

Smash Invaders is a very simple tapping game and it may be too simple for some people, but it is certainly challenging.

The ground below rotates in a cartoon-like fashion and monster heads - the invaders - appear in the sky. All you do is tap them to smash them.

To begin with they are slow enough to cope with and you can easily tap them to blow them up, but the action seems to speed up as you progress and it becomes harder as you tap invader after invader. Some invaders require multiple taps and provide bonus points.

The game continues until you miss an invader and it blows up in your face. Smash Invaders couldn’t be simpler, but it is fast fun action for short periods. It uses blocky-style graphics that are popular in many games these days. It's not the best game around, but it is free.

 Invader Smash for the iPhone and iPad Invader Smash for the iPhone and iPad 

Dan The Man

Dan The Man is the best of these three games and it is brilliant. It is basically an old style sideways scrolling platform game in which you control a character, Dan, on a quest to save a village from an evil organisation and perform other good deeds.

There are tricky obstacles to negotiate and coins to collect as you travel on your quest, running and jumping, climbing up steps, onto the top of buildings, jumping across rivers, and onto and off moving platforms.

There are plenty of bad guys in the form of ninjas along the way and you must fight them and defeat them. You can punch and kick, and perform other attacking moves, and there are special ones to master.

There are shops along the way that you can enter and once inside you can buy extra items, like a gun. Knives can also be picked up and these are useful in the battles with the bad guys.

If you die, you don’t start at the beginning and you just return to the last way-point. Your position is saved every so often.

Dan The Man is an addictive game that will quickly have you hooked. It has great graphics and good action. If you only install one of these games, make it this one.

Dan The Man game for the iPhone and iPad

Dan The Man game for the iPhone and iPad


What great games have you discovered recently? Let us know in the comments below. Do you prefer multiplayer games? There are 10 top multiplayer games here.