Smartphones and tablets have become a growing need for a society from kids to adults; one can’t imagine a life without one. We are in a habit of using smartphones almost every minute of the day.

Through smartphones, we are continuously connected with our work, friends and family in any part of the world. We can check emails, watch videos, make reports, manage meetings, hold conference calls, socialise and much more. Access to information has never been so easy and instant; you can access any kind of information anytime you want.

However, there's a downside. Such easy access to the internet can be detrimental to our productivity and encourage procrastination. Luckily, app makers like AppInstitute are tirelessly working to get people to get stuff done! Here are some of my favourite productivity apps that you can install on your android or iOS phones and devices.

Office apps

Microsoft's Office suite has always been a benchmark for PC productivity, and the mobile versions of Microsoft office (Word, PowerPoint and Excel) keeps that custom active for our use.

They are designed and modified in a way that it provides all-out file compatibility for our touchscreen devices. Each of the three popular applications makes it easy for users to view and edit documents, presentations and spreadsheets respectively.


Outlook app for the iPhone and AndroidOutlook is the best mobile powerhouse email app. This app helps millions of users connect to their email accounts, contacts, calendars, attachments and files in one convenient spot.

It offers seamless inbox management with systematised inbox that displays your most important emails on the top.

Access your important your emails and calendars to schedule your important meetings or share your availability for a meeting or grab a document from your file and attach it to an email.


Evernote provides you tools you need to keep your work smoothly organised. This app offers you to collect and write and capture ideas as notes, checklists, and notebook and to-dos.

Take notes in multiple formats including texts, photos, audios, web clippings, videos, PDF and more. Use camera capture to easily scan and comment on a piece of paper, including printed documents and business cards, and keep receipts, bills and invoices organised.

Use Evernote as a digital notepad for every thought as it comes.


A pocket is a place to quickly save, discover and recommend the best and most interesting stories on the web. When you find an article, blog, video or link you want to read or watch later, just save it to Pocket.

It will sync across your phone or tablet, so you can get back to it whenever you want, even when you are offline.


Swiftkey is used by millions of users for hassle free typing on touchscreen devices. Swiftkey uses artificial intelligence to automatically learn your writing style, emoji and words that matter to you and how you want to type them.

Autocorrect is the biggest feature of this app that allows you to complete your sentences and autocorrects if any typos made, it offers bilingual autocorrect in more than hundred languages.


LastPass is a password manager and password creator that locks your passwords and keeps your personal information in a secure vault. One password is all you require with Lastpass, and the rest is handled by the app to manage all your passwords.

It is a secure vault that holds all passwords; you just need to log in with one password instead of dozens. Keep your credit card or health insurance information, confidential voice memos or data secured in your smartphones or tablets.


Dropbox app for iPhone and Android stores all your files and makes them available everywhereDropbox lets you bring all your documents, photos and videos anywhere. This app gives you a place to keep your photos, docs, videos and other files and data.

It acts as a storage bank, and files you keep in Dropbox are safely backed up and can be shared to anyone or to any device.

It is easy to send large files to anyone, even if they don’t have a Dropbox account.

WPS Office + PDF

This app is the best available app for MS Office and PDF files and used by millions of touchscreen users across the globe. It has been awarded as the best app of 2015 by top developers.

It is the smallest sized (less than 25mb) all in one free to install office suite app. It is designed to help you create, view and edit documents for work and school.

You can install this app on smartphones and tablets and feel free to use it anytime and anywhere you want with ease and convenience. So far, WPS office + PDF have more than six hundred million users all over the world.

This app is fully compatible with Microsoft office (Word, Powerpoint, Excel), Google Docs, text editors, sheets and slides along with PDF files. It allows you to share documents through Wi-Fi on email, WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Various useful apps like, Smartphones and tablets have become our personal and professional help and a source of productivity aid in our lives. It is just like carrying an office or business in our hands.

Applications like, mobile office suites, note taking apps, backup storage, calendars and timers have made our professional live pretty comfortable.

Author bio: Ian Naylor is the Founder & CEO of AppInstitute, a DIY app builder platform for small businesses. He’s responsible for strategy, business development and product leadership.



-1 # Jennifer Dunham 2016-11-08 01:40
I don't know how I would survive without Dropbox! I will have to try out some of the other apps that I haven't used before.
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