Mindfulness, meditation and relaxation - here are some great iPhone apps to help you unwind

Stress is a killer and anything you can do to relieve the tension in you can have health benefits. You need to relax and fortunately there are lots of apps for your phone that can help. Here are three.

Omvana - Meditation for everyone

Price: Free | By: Mindvalley Creations Inc | Size: 80MB | iOS 8

Omvana is a guide to mediation and it provides a collection of resources to help you to unwind and relax.

Meditation experts can guide you through a session and you just have to close your eyes, listen to the guide and follow the instructions. There is also soothing and relaxing music to help to set the mood and induce calmness and relaxation.

There does not appear to be much in the app at first sight, and there are just half a dozen modules. However, visit the store and you’ll see that there is an extensive range of items to explore.

A lot of the content requires payment, but there is a free section with 25 items. They include Beginners Meditation Day 1 and 2, Sleep Well, Breath of Life Practise, Laser Focus, Increase Your Energy and many more.

If you need guidance with your meditation there is a lot of content in this app and it is a great resource. It is recommended.

 Omvana for iPhone meditation, relaxation and mindfulness Omvana for iPhone meditation, relaxation and mindfulness


Mindfulness - Everyday guided meditations

Price: Free | By: Mindvalley Creations Inc | Size: 70MB | iOS 7

Mindfullness looks like an old app from Mindvalley Creations and it contains just a small selection of guided meditations. It is OK, but Omvana is bigger and better.


Life Hypnosis - Audios to help create positive change in every aspect of your life

Price: Free | By: Mindvalley Creations Inc | Size: 195MB | iOS 7

Life Hypnosis is yet another MindValley Creations app featuring a small collection of guided meditations in the form of audio files, some of which are up to an hour long. Omvana is preferred, but it’s free, so try it if you want.


Stop, Breathe & Think: Meditation and Mindfulness

Price: Free | By: Stop, breathe & Think | Size: 117MB | iOS 8

Stop, Breathe & Think stands out among these apps because it contains a series of articles that teach you all about meditation. In the Learn to Meditate section is The Basics, How it Works, Practice and Meditations. These are comprehensive and well worth reading.

The list of meditations contains eight sections, including items like Breathe, Gain Resilience, Connect with your body, Heal, Chill and others.

They contain between 3 and 10 meditations and there may be one, two or three free ones, with the rest available as in-app purchases. Around 20 meditations are free and you relax while listening to the soothing voice of the speaker who guides you through the relaxation process.

There is a meditation timer that enables you to meditate on your own and have your phone alert you when the time is up.

Your progress is tracked and you can see a variety of statistics like the top meditation, total time meditating, stickers earned and so on.

This is a great app and is well worth installing on your iPhone. It is recommended.

 Stop, Breathe & think for iPhone meditation, relaxation and mindfulness Stop, Breathe & think for iPhone meditation, relaxation and mindfulness


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