Use the accessibility setting on the iPhone to zoom in and out of the screen

If you sometimes find text, links and buttons on the iPhone’s screen too small for comfort, use the zoom controls on the iPhone to temporarily make them larger. Here’s how to do it.

If a web page is not optimised for mobile the text, buttons, links and menus can be too small. Pinch and spread gestures with two fingers can often be used to zoom in and out and make web pages larger or smaller.

Sometimes this does not work. This can happen when web pages are accessed from within another app. For example, if you tap a link in Facebook, the web page might open within Facebook and then pinch and spread gestures do not work.

Some apps also have quite small text and controls. Pinch and spread to zoom in and out do not work in many apps. (Use accessibility features in Apple News app.)

iOS accessibility features

The solution is to use the accessibility features in iOS and enable special taps to zoom in and out independently of whatever app is being used.

Go to Settings, General, Accessibility and press Zoom.

iPhone accessibility settings

Turn on Zoom at the top and then press Zoom Region and set it to full screen.

Zoom in iPhone accessibility settings

Swipe down to the bottom and set the maximum zoom level to 2.0x or 3.0x. You don’t need to zoom in much.

You can try the zoom features on this screen or any screen and in any app.

Use the zoom feature

Double tap the screen with three fingers to zoom in in any screen. Making it two or three times the normal size means that not all of the screen can be seen. Press and drag with three fingers to move around the screen and see everything.

When you have finished with Zoom mode, double tap with three fingers to return to normal again.

Triple tap with three fingers to show a menu. At the bottom of this is a slider and dragging it adjusts the zoom amount when you triple tap. Set the zoom level to whatever level you are comfortable with. Small amounts of zoom are usually more useful than large zooms.

The zoom feature in iOS accessibility settings

Also on this menu is Show Controller. Press it and a circular control appears on the screen. Double tap it to zoom in and out. When zoomed in, press and drag it to scroll around the screen.

Tap the controller once to show the menu.

Use the zoom control whenever the usual pinch and spread gestures do not work. You won’t need it often, but when you do, it can save you having to strain your eyes trying to read tiny text.