Use the new features in iOS 10 to create fun responses and animations in Messages

Phone apps and the operating system are constantly changing and it is easy to miss new features and functions. Here are some great new additions to the iPhone Messages app. Do you know them all?

The Messages app started out as a simple way to send text messages to people, but it has evolved into a more sophisticated tool that has many more features. You can forward messages or whole conversations. You can laugh and question, create animations by drawing on the screen and more.

Let’s take a look at the new features in Messages.

Respond with a Tapback

There is a new feature in iOS 10 called Tapback. Open the Messages app, select someone you want to send a message to, type in the message and then send it.

Immediately after sending the message, long press on it. The screen is dimmed and a toolbar appears just above the message containing several icons. Tap the one you want to use.

These icons affect how the message appears on the other person’s screen. On your own screen you can see the icon, but the other person sees text.

For example, press the Ha Ha button and on the other person’s screen it says Laughed at “Your message...”. Press the question mark and it says Questioned “Blah blah...”

Messages on the iPhone showing how to send Tapbacks


Creating quick responses on the iPhone in the Messages app

It is a simple way to make your responses more entertaining and it is a way to convey how you feel or what you are thinking.

You can also double tap a message someone sent to you to send a quick response. The toolbar appears and you can tap an icon, such as a thumbs up.

Draw with Digital Touch

Press the arrow icon at the left side of the text box and three icons are displayed. Press the heart icon and a panel opens at the bottom of the screen.

On the left are the colours you can use and in the centre is an area where you can draw with a finger. Select a colour, draw something, select another colour, draw some more and so on. Press the arrow on the right to send the drawing to the person.

Send drawings using the Messages app on the iPhone


Send drawings using the Messages app on the iPhone

Here are some more things you can do with Digital Touch.

Tap: Tap with a finger to produce a burst of colour.

Fireball: Create a colourful fireball by pressing and holding with a finger.

Kiss: Add a kiss by tapping with two fingers.

Heartbeat: Add a heartbeat by pressing and holding with two fingers.

Heartbreak: If your heart is breaking, press and hold with two fingers, and then drag down the screen to break the heart.

If you want to abandon the drawing, press the little cross icon in the top left corner of the drawing. Press the blue up arrow to send it if you are happy with it.