Customise the Safari share buttons in iOS on the iPhone and iPad. Put your favourite share links first

Do you share or save interesting web pages when browsing using Safari on the iPhone? Make it simpler and easier to share your web finds by customising the Safari share icons that appear on the menu.

Open Safari and then go to a website - this is a great one, but then I am biased!

At the bottom of the Safari screen is a Share button that looks like a square with an arrow. Press the Safari share button and on my iPhone it looks like this, but your iPhone could look very different because it is customisable and depends on the apps you have installed.

Sharing icons in Safari on the iPhone

The row of coloured icons that are displayed are totally configurable and you can change the order of them, remove sharing options that you do not use and add other sharing options that are hidden.

The icons that appear here depend on the apps that are installed on the iPhone, so if you have the Google+ app for example, there is a Google+ share icon, but if you don;t have it you won't see the icon.

Swipe left to scroll all the way to the right end of the sharing icons and press more.

Sharing icons in Safari on the iPhone

A list of the different ways that a web page can be shared is displayed. There are some system apps like Message, Mail, Reminders and Add to Notes, but the rest of the apps on the list depend on the apps you have installed. If you have the Facebook app then it appears as a sharing option for example.

Choose which icons you want to see when the Share button is pressed in iOS

Use the switches at the right side to choose whether an icon appears as a sharing option on the share pop-up (the first screenshot). Turn on items you want and turn off those that you do not need.

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The list of sharing options can grow quite large, so to save swiping left and right looking for the icon you want, why not put the ones you use first?

Press and hold on the three-lines icon at the right side until you are able to drag the item up and down the list. Put the most used sharing icon first and the least used last. This way you need only to tap share and then tap your favourite icon, without needing to hunt for it.

Drag the iOS sharing activities up and down to change the order in which they appear

Another way to sort the order of the sharing icons is to long press on them and then drag them left or right. The other icons shuffle around to make space for them.

Rearrange the sharing icons in iOS by long pressing and dragging

If you press, hold and drag an icon up out of the row and then drop it, a Hide button appears above it. Tap it to hide the icon or tap elsewhere to cancel.

Hide sharing icons you don't want to see on the iPhone

You can do this with the second row of icons too, so if you often use Copy for example, you could long press on the icon and drag it to the first position.

There is a more button right at the end and pressing this opens the list of activities. Most of the items cannot be hidden, but you can press and hold on the icon on the far right, and drag them up and down the list to change the order.

Rearrange the sharing activities in iOS on the iPhone

Spend a few minutes customising the Share options and the order in which the icons appear to make sharing web finds easier.

Also sort the Activities icons into the order that suits you best.