Six weight loss apps for the iPhone are tested. Which is best for losing weight and keeping weight off? The answer is here

Few people can say they would not benefit from losing a few pounds of excess weight. Your iPhone can help and here are 6 great apps to help you lose weight through diet and exercise. All are free.

There is no secret to losing weight and you just need to do one thing. Either eat less or exercise more. If you want to lose weight fast then do both at the same time.

This is much easier to say than to do of course, as anyone who has tried to lose weight will tell you. After numerous failed diets we often give up and are resigned to forever being overweight.

I probably hold the record for giving up on diets, starting when I got up and giving up by lunchtime when I got hungry.

These free iPhone apps can do two things. One is to allow you to track your progress better than any other method. You can monitor your food intake, weight loss, waist measurement and exercise.

The other benefit is to provide motivation. If you monitor your weight and food, and track everything, you are more likely to keep it up than to give it up.

Losing weight is not about diets, it is about willpower. Having the determination to succeed. Do you have what it takes?

These six free apps for the iPhone will help you fight the flab and get the body you always wanted.

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Lose It! – Weight Loss Program and Calorie Counter

Price: Free | By: FitNow | Size: 101MB | iOS: 8.0

 Lose It! weight and diet tracking app for the iPhone Lose It! weight and diet tracking app for the iPhone

Lose It! is a comprehensive diet and weight loss app that enables you to log the food you eat and the exercise you engage in. There are four screens that are accessed by swiping left and right, and you can view Calories, Nutrients, Steps and Challenges.

Each day you must enter the foods you eat so that it can track the calories and nutrients. This is organised into breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks

There is a comprehensive food database in the app and you can search for foods, select the quantity and add it to the meal. A barcode scanner provides a quick way to add foods and it worked well with the items I tried it with. Admittedly it was only a handful of items, but this is a great time saver and a brilliant feature.

A circular graphic shows today’s calories consumed and bar chart shows the days of the week, with green for eating OK and red for too much. The Nutrients screen shows the fat, carbs and protein consumed.

It automatically reads the steps each day recorded by the iOS Health app, but you can also add activities yourself, such as walking, running, cycling and so on. Your weight can be added and it displays the loss or gain in a chart that shows the previous 10 days or so.

Social features enable you to add friends and exchange messages. There are a groups and you can join them and chat with others. There are also good articles on diet and dieting.

There is a lot more in the app than I have covered here and it offers detailed tracking of everything that is important when you are trying to lose weight. The barcode scanner and comprehensive food database are excellent for tracking calories.

 P R O S  C O N S
  • Tracks food eaten
  • Tracks weight
  • Barcode scanner for food
  • Social features
  • Take photos of food
  • Useful articles and food suggestions
  • Subscription needed for some features


Weight Diary

Price: Free | By: Curlybrace Apps Ltd | Size: 19.9MB | iOS: 9.0

 Weight Diary weight tracking app for the iPhone Weight Diary weight tracking app for the iPhone

Weight Diary is simpler than some of the other apps and it has one function and that is to track your weight over time. It does not try to count calories. However, it does ask what you would like to weigh and and when you would like to achieve this by, and then shows how many calories a day you need to eat.

If you want an app that is quick to use, this is a good choice. While calories counting apps take time and effort to update every day, with this app you can enter your current weight as and when you feel like it, such as every day, every other day or even once a week.

The home screen shows the last recorded weight and below is a BMI (body mass indicator) that has green, orange and red areas, with an indicator showing where you are on the scale.

You can tap a day and enter your weight in a few seconds. That’s it. Swiping over the chart reveals a summary view showing current weight loss/gain trends and a daily log.

This is actually one of the apps I might stick with. Not because it is packed with features, but because it is so simple and takes so little effort to update.

 P R O S  C O N S
  • Tracks weight
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Simple screen display and features
  • No need to enter food
  • Free app
  • Does not track food or calories


Swift Weight Free - Track Your Weight And BMI

Price: Free | By: Arvid Bjorkqvist | Size: 11.8MB | iOS: 7.0

 Swift Weight Free weight tracking app for the iPhone Swift Weight Free lose weight app for the iPhone

The name of this app says everything. Swift Weight Free is another weight tracker and it does not concern itself with calories. It is you to you to make sure you eat the right foods and the right amounts.

There is a large weight indicator in the centre of the screen and swiping over it enables you to update your weight. It is a bit too easy to accidentally change the weight and then it pops up with a message asking if you are sure you want to do this.

The BMI index is difficult to read because it is in a thin red font on a purple background. When setting up the app, it asks various questions, such as your height. Even though I entered 6ft 0in, the app says I’m 5ft 12in. That is technically correct, but weird.

Swift Weight Free wasn’t my favourite app.

 P R O S  C O N S
  • No need to enter food
  • Tracks weight
  • Easy to use
  • Too simple for some people
  • Does not track food eaten


Lose Weight With Applause

Price: Free | By: 12 Labs | Size: 87.5MB | iOS: 8.0

 Lose Weight With Applause app for the iPhone Lose Weight With Applause app for the iPhone

Lose Weight With Applause is one of the most comprehensive of the weight loss apps here and it has a wide range of features. It has everything you need, including recording weight, recording food consumed, social features and more.

It isn’t quite perfect, but it comes close.

The home screen has an encouraging quote and below are buttons to access tracking, plans, quizzes and meditation. Swipe up and you can see a list of your achievements, such as badges earned, workouts completed, healthy foods eaten and your mood.

Swipe up some more and you can see the steps taken today (it reads the iOS Health app activity tracker), and your weight loss progress chart.

The Track button enables you to add your weight, workout, eating out, meals and mood. It is all brilliant, except for tracking your food, which is odd. You can search for foods and select them, but it does not allow you to set the quantity. It tracks what you eat, but not how much. For example, you can add an apple, but you can’t add two.

Food tracking could be better, but the rest of the app is excellent. The Genius section shows notifications, activity goals, polls, graphs and insights. You can add friends, post in a group and read messages from others.

You could find a diet buddy or just chat to everyone. There were people of all ages looking for words of help and encouragement when I looked, from 12 to 60.

Lose Weight With Applause is a great app.

 P R O S  C O N S
  • Tracks food eaten
  • Tracks weight
  • Social features
  • Award system to keep you motivated
  • Useful articles
  • Quizzes
  • Lots of excellent plans to choose from
  • Most features work for free
  • Some features assume you are a woman


Weight Size Diary Free

Price: Free | By: | Size: 4.8MB | iOS: 7.0

 Weight Size Diary Free app for the iPhone for losing weight Weight Size Diary Free app for the iPhone for losing weight

Like some of the other apps, Weight Size Diary Free does not track food intake or calories consumed and it focuses on tracking your weight and size. I was initially confused by the request to enter my size during setup and entered my height. Consequently the app thought I was six feet around the waist! It was easily corrected though.

The home screen is busy and contains a lot of numbers, charts, information and colours. However, it is all straightforward and once you get used to it, it is very good.

There is a simple facility to create a log entry and you can add the time and date, weight, size, exercise type and duration, and comment. You don’t have to do this every day and it could be every other day or even weekly.

Adding an entry updates the chart in the top half of the screen and your most recent entries are listed in the lower half of the screen. It is easy to see the progress you are making as you lose/gain weight.

A series of other screens show lists and graphics tracking your weight, BMI and size changes, high and low points, and goals.

The apps strength is its simplicity. You can enter your weight and waist whenever it is convenient. The screen display shows the changes over time and this provides the encouragement to continue.

If you like simple weight trackers then Weight Size Diary Free is an excellent choice.

 P R O S  C O N S
  • Tracks weight
  • Easy to use
  • Good home screen display
  • Most features work for free
  • Some features require payment


CaloryGuard - Track calories, lose weight

Price: Free | By: Falko Buttler | Size: 67.1MB | iOS: 8.0

 CaloryGuard weight loss app for the iPhone CaloryGuard weight loss app for the iPhone

CaloryGuard is an all-in-one tracker that is used to monitor your weight, food consumption and exercise and waist measurement. From your food intake it can also track the calories, fat, carbohydrate and protein consumed.

The home screen is packed with information and it shows today’s consumption of calories, weight, protein, fat and carbohydrates, plus all the target amounts too. This enables you to see if you have over or under eaten, whether you can afford to eat that tempting doughnut, and so on.

Below the information panel at the top is a list of the foods you have eaten and sports activities for today. In a break from tradition, there are buttons down the right-hand side of the screen instead of where they usually are along the bottom. I found them a bit small for my fat fingers though.

You can easily enter your weight, waist measurement, and body fat - if you have some way of measuring it. Notes can be saved too.

The food database is large and contains most of the foods you will eat. It is tedious finding foods in long lists of products, but this is true of most apps that track your eating habits. However, there is a barcode scanner that enables you to scan food packaging, but that is only active in the paid version of the app, not the free one.

The charts that the app displays are very good once they have a few data points and you can view your weight, calories, fat, carbs, protein, steps, body fat and waist over 1, 7 or 30 days.

CaloryGuard is an excellent app for tracking your weight loss and food intake and it is packed with useful tracking data.

 P R O S  C O N S
  • Tracks food eaten
  • Tracks weight
  • Tracks calories, carbs, protein
  • Tracks waist measurement
  • Lots of great charts
  • Subscription needed for some features


Which is the best weight loss app?

Out of these six weight loss apps the only one I didn’t get along with was Swift Weight Free. The others can be placed into two groups, those that only track your weight and those that track food too.

Both weight trackers are good and they appeal because they are simple to use and show you exactly how well you are progressing. Weight Diary Size free is my favourite.

If you want to track what you eat, it is difficult to choose between Applause, CaloryGuard, and Lose It!. Applause is the weakest food tracker, but the app makes up for this by being brilliant in every other area.

Lose It! has a barcode scanner, which reduces the effort required to log your food and so this is the preferred free app. However, the monthly fee for the Premium version is £2.50 a month.

CaloryGuard is almost as good and a barcode scanner is available in the Pro version, which is half the price.

My recommendation is Lose It!