Put Google Maps traffic information on the iPhone Today screen and avoid traffic jams

You are about to set off on a car journey and you are worried about traffic jams. What do you do? Pull your iPhone out of your pocket and check the lock screen for traffic updates. Here’s how.

You can get traffic information, public transport information and directions from the Apple Maps app, but Google Maps always seems to be one step ahead of the mapping game. Probably because the Alphabet company has been doing it longer.

Knowing what the traffic situation is like on the roads around you is a great help when planning a journey. You can choose to set off earlier than usual if the traffic is bad, or relax and set off normally knowing that there are no problems.

Install the Google Maps app on your iPhone if you have not done so already. Of course, you already have Apple Maps, but until it catches up with Google Maps, you need both.

Edit today

Edit the widgets on the Today screen on the iPhone

Pull down from the top of the screen and select the Today tab.

Swipe to the bottom and press the Edit button.

Add Nearby Traffic

Edit the widgets on the Today screen on the iPhone

At the top is a list of the items currently on the Today screen.

Swipe up to read the MORE WIDGETS section and find Nearby Traffic.

Press the green plus button to add it to the Today widgets.

Reorder the widgets

Edit the widgets on the Today screen on the iPhone

The order in which the widgets appear on the iPhone Today screen is easily changed.

Press and drag the three bars at the right side of the widget up the list to move Nearby Traffic to the top of the list, or wherever you want it to appear.

Press Done in the top right corner.

View the widget

Check the traffic status on the iPhone lock screen

You can now pull down from the top of the screen and view the new widget. It works whether the iPhone is locked or unlocked.

There is a text description of the traffic conditions on the left and a thumbnail map image on the right.

Roads drawn in red are busy with traffic. Be prepared for delays or go around the traffic jams using roads that are not highlighted in red.

View larger maps

Google maps on the iPhone Today screen

The map is tiny, but it can easily be made bugger. Press Show More in the top right corner of the widget and the map expands to show a larger version.

Add more widgets

Google Maps makes more Today screen widgets available and there is Travel Times and Public Transport Nearby.

Return to the Edit screen and add them like this.

Google Maps Today screen widgets on the iPhone

Travel Times shows the time taken to your most visited places, which is usually work and home. A quick glance at Today on the iPhone’s lock screen will tell you how long the journey will take.

Public Transport Nearby lists the locations of nearby transport, such as bus stops and train stations, and lists the next departures. Combine this with the travel times and traffic info and you have everything you need to know about your journey.


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