Save photos and videos from Instagram to your iPhone Camera Roll to watch later with the help of these free apps.

There are some brilliant photos and videos on Instagram, but how do you save them? Saving content to your phone to view later requires extra tools. Here are two that will do the job.

There are several reasons why you might want to save photos and videos from your Instagram feed.

One is so that you can view the content again without have to search for it. It is hard to find videos and photos you once saw in your feed. The Save button next to posts helps and you can save the post to the Saved section in your profile. However, it isn’t the same as saving the photo or video itself.

Really saving it, to your Photos album, means that you can view items offline when there isn’t a Wi-Fi connection and you don’t want to use your data.

You might have posted photos and videos yourself, but not saved them, or saved them a long time ago and you have lost the originals. If there is only one copy online in your Instagram account, you need some way to download it and save it.

These apps help you to do just that. They save videos and photos from Instagram. They talk only of saving your own media, but they work with everything in your feed. If you can see it, you can save it.

RapidSave for Instagram - Download & Repost your own Video & Photo for Free

Price: Free | By: Wei Wei | iOS: 7.0 | Size: 20MB

 RapidSave for Instagram - save Instagram videos on your iPhone RapidSave for Instagram - save Instagram videos and photos

Rapidsave for Instagram is a simple utility with few features. It is designed to do one job and that is to save videos and photos from Instagram.

It is quite clever in the way it works and you use Instagram in the usual way. When you see something you want to save, you press the three dots to display the Instagram sharing menu and select Copy Share URL.

Switch to RapidSave and there is a box to paste it in. The media can be previewed and it can be saved to the Camera Roll.

It can also be reshared. Tap the Repost button and the usual iOS share options appear and you can share it anywhere you want.

The only downside is that the app requires coins every time you save something. You must view video ads to earn more coins.

InstaSave for Instagram - Download Your Own Photo & Videos from Instagram and Repost for Free

Price: Free | By: XiaoLei Li | iOS: 7.0 | Size: 21MB

InstaSave for Instagram has a different name and a different developer to RapidSave, but it is the same app. Everything said above, applies here.

InstaDown - Download & Repost you favourite Videos & Photos From Instagram Free

Price: Free | By: Charmer Studio | iOS 7.0 | Size: 7.6MB

 InstaDown for iPhone saves Instagram videos to the Camera Roll InstaDown enables you to save videos and photos on Instagram

Instadown is another app that is designed to save your photos and videos and it works in the same way as the other apps.

Press the three dots in the Instagram app above the video or photo to display the sharing menu and copy the URL to the clipboard. Switch to the Instadown app and then paste it into the box.

The app has very few features, but then you don’t need many. The video or photo can be saved to the iPhone camera roll so you can view it later.

There is also an option to share it and the usual iOS share options are available, such as Facebook, Vimeo, Google Drive and whatever else you have installed.

There is just one more function and this is to display a list of items that have been saved. This is useful and you can browse the items and watch the videos and photos again.

InstaSave Video Get Download Repost for Instagram

Price: Free | By: Jonnie Whitaker | iOS: 7.1 | Size: 7MB

InstaSave is more of the same and it has almost identical features to the other apps. It works in the same way and you use Instagram’s Share menu to grab the URL of the post with the photo or video you want to save, then switch to InstaSave and paste it in.

There is a preview function to watch the view or see the photo. There is a save button to save it to the camera roll, and there is a Share button to bring up the usual iOS sharing options.

It works well, but is spoilt by having too many ads. It seems like everything you do is preceded by a full screen video ad. Apart from that, it is OK.

InstaSave - Photo & Video Downloader For Instagram

Price: Free | By: Xueying Ouyang | iOS: 7.0 | Size: 10MB

 InstaSave - Photo and Video Downloader For Instagram InstaSave - Photo and Video Downloader For Instagram

There are several apps in the store that are called InstaSave and this is yet another. It is confusing and they not only have similar names, but similar icons too.

This InstaSave is perhaps the best here and it has the most features. It works in the same way and you copy the share link from Instagram and then switch to InstaSave. You don’t need to paste in the link because InstaSave grabs it off the clipboard straight away.

Switch to the app and the video or photo is right there without you doing anything.

Videos and photos can be saved to the iPhone’s Camera Roll for viewing later. The copied item can be reposted and this switches to Instagram and creates a new post. This is a handy shortcut to reposting things you have found.

A More button enables you to copy the caption or tags and this is another useful feature. There is also a History tab that shows the posts you have saved. It not only shows the photo or video, but also the caption too. This is great.

Final thoughts

All of these apps work well and it is very easy to save your own or anyone else’s videos and photos on Instagram. The best of them is the last one above, InstaSave.

Be careful when using these apps. Strictly speaking you should only download your own photos and videos. Other people’s might be subject to copyright.

You won’t get into trouble for downloading something to watch later or offline, but beware of resharing things to your own account that you have copied from others. They might not like it.