Use a free money manager app on your phone to keep track of your spending and stick to budgets. Here are 4 to choose from

Are you always short of money before the next pay day? Does your budget run out half way through the month? These free money managers for the iPhone can solve your finance problems.


Fudget: budget planner & personal finance tracker

Price: Free | By; Danny Connell | Size: 23MB | iOS: 8

Fudget is a very simple money tracker app for the iPhone. In fact, it could not be simpler and if you are the sort of person that struggles with complicated finance apps, you should try this one.

There is no syncing with bank accounts and minimal setting up. It simply tracks your income and records your expenses.

You create budgets and it makes sense to create one for each month. Select a budget and you can add income or an expense. The app then tracks the balance.

 Fudget money tracking app for the iPhone Fudget money manager app for the iPhone

It is possible to mark items as paid, and to only display paid items, but this is optional.

It is very easy to see incoming money and expenses, and how much money is left. There is also a nice pie chart that lists all the expenses.

Fudget may be too simple for some people, but complex system are a pain to update. This is so simple and so quick to update you will want to use it all the time. It is recommended.


Money Monitor - Account, Budget & Bill Monitor

Price: Free | By: Maxwell Software | Size: 27MB | iOS: 8.0

Money Monitor is a traditional money manager that mirrors your bank, credit card, savings and other accounts.

At the bare minimum you must create one account, such as a copy of your bank account. You must name it and enter the starting amount and other details. You can enter all of your accounts, which is a bit tedious, but only needs to be done once.

After the setup, you can easily add an entry, which can be an expense, income or transfer between accounts. Any item can be set as a recurring transaction daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and so on.

 Money Monitor money manager for the iPhone Money Monitor money manager for the iPhone

Any number of budgets can be created with different names. Transactions can then be assigned to a specific budget. Budgets can be listed and a bar shows how much you have spent and the amount remaining.

Categories can also be created for transactions and a good number of obvious ones are provided to get you started. There is Auto, Insurance, Home/rent, Groceries and many more.

Eight reports can be viewed, such as Expense vs Income, Budget, Payee, Category and so on. These enable you to see on pie charts the state of your finances.

Money Monitor is perfect for people that want to keep detailed records  of their home or home based work finances.


Goodbudget Budget Planner: Money & Expense Tracker

Price: Free | By: Dayspring Technologies | Size: 20MB | iOS: 8.0

You will either love or hate Goodbudget Budget Planner because it uses an unusual system of budgeting.

The app uses the envelope method and your first task on starting the app for the first time is to create envelopes and add money to them.

If this means nothing to you, you will probably have to spend some time googling the envelope budgeting system to find out how it works before you can use the app.

It works best with cash and on pay day you label a number of envelopes, with one for running the car, one for home heating a lighting, one for groceries, one for clothing, one for entertainment and so on.

You put cash into each envelope and then spend it as and when necessary. When the envelope is empty, that’s it and you cannot spend any more. The idea is that it helps you to stick to your budgets.

 Goodbudget money manager app for the iPhone Goodbudget money manager app for the iPhone

The app lets you put money into envelopes and check how much money is remaining. Envelopes for special occasions can be created, such as a holiday, a wedding or some other expensive event.

If you are used to the envelope system you will probably like this app, but it is very confusing and unhelpful if you have never heard of it before. Using it on a phone is not as useful as working with real cash in real envelopes.


Wally - Smart Personal Finance

Price: Free | By: Napkin SAL | Size: 13MB | iOS: 6.0

Wally is a simple money tracker that enables you to monitor how much you spend and what you spend it on.

It has minimal setup requirements and it can be used within seconds of starting it for the first time. All you need to do is add the transaction whenever you spend money.

Tap the What button and you can select what you spent money on, such as general, personal, food and drink, transport, clothes and so on. These are broad categories and there are subcategories, so with transport there is taxi, car loan, parking and so on. These subcategories can be edited and you can easily add any extras that you need.

 Wally money manager for the iPhone Wally money manager for the iPhone

Choose a category, enter the amount and save the transaction. It takes very little time to track each expense. It can even track the location.

Your income can be added and entered manually or set to automatically recur each month. A certain amount of your income can be set aside for savings.

Wally is almost as simple and easy to use as fudget. It has more features though and it is a useful tool for tracking your expenses and seeing where all your money disappears to each month.