Zombie alert! The undead have taken over and only you can help! Kill Shot Virus is terrific fun and a blast on the iPhone and iPad.

There is no need to fear the walking dead when you’re armed to the teeth and in Kill Shot Virus your task is to clear the streets and buildings of the zombie hordes. iPhone app review.

There may be a story as to how you came to be in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, but none is needed and your task is straightforward. You just have to kill zombies who are hell-bent on tearing you, and every other human, apart.

If you like bucketloads of blood and gore, this is the game for you. I wouldn’t hand my phone to a kid to play, but for everyone else it is great fun. Also, the graphics aren’t that realistic and they are more cartoon-like than real. It’s not as scary as watching The Walking Dead on TV for example. It’s just a blast.

Zombie clearing missions

You start off with a simple mission and a basic weapon. Each mission lasts just a couple of minutes and you might have to clear an area of zombies in the streets of a city overrun with the undead.

On some missions you enter a building. The doors inside are locked, but you can blast them open with a shotgun and make your way from room to room, dispatching the zombies in each one.

Sometimes you are alone on your missions. In fact, your mission might be to protect another member of your team. They are on a mission and you are their backup, keeping the zombies off them. Your aim is to make sure they survive.

Kill the zombies in Kill Shot Virus for iPhone

Exploding zombies

There are different types of zombies and new ones are introduced from time to time. There is a hugely bloated and grotesque zombie with a stomach that looks like it is about to explode. One shot and it does, blowing up itself and any other zombies around it.

There are super fast zombies that sprint toward you and you need to quickly kill it. Head shots work the best because body shots don’t always kill them.

At any one time you might have several missions to choose from. Some require special weapons or upgrades, such as a sniper rifle with a zoom lens that lets you target zombies from a distance. You might need a shotgun, some other form of gun, special bullets that kill with one shot, and so on.

Clear the room of zombies in Kill Shot Virus for iPhone

Zombie kills for cash

Each successful mission is rewarded with money and there are also ways to get gold. Weapons and upgrades can be purchased with the money you earn. It takes time for them to arrive and gold can be used to speed this up.

Power-ups are available and there are medical kits to restore your health, a slo-mo that slows the zombies to make them easier to target and more. There is a daily free gift and power-ups and supplies can be found on missions.

Keep the zombies off the streets in Kill shot Virus for iPhone

The game makes its money by selling bundles of money, gold, power-ups and so on. You don’t have to buy them, but you will be better armed and will progress through the game faster if you do.

It’s your choice and you can play for free or simply buy everything you need.

Protect everyone from zombies in Kill Shot Virus for iPhone

Kill Shot Virus is a lot of fun. The controls are straightforward and movement is automatic. All you need to do is get those zombies in the sights of your weapon and start blasting. There are also factions (alliances) where you can join others in your efforts to rid the world of zombies.

There are over 100 first person shooter missions and I have worked through about a quarter of them. No doubt they get harder as you progress, but they start off fairly easy. It’s fast and it’s entertaining (for adults).

A video of my pathetic efforts to save the world from the zombie apocalypse...

App: Kill Shot Virus
Price: Free
By: Hothead Games Inc.
Size: 112MB
iOS: 9.0
Verdict: Fast paced first person shooter with lots of blood. It’s recommended.