Save web pages to OneNote notes using the iPhone when you find something you need to keep. Grab the whole page in the desktop view and add your own notes. View pages later on the phone or computer.

Have you tried Microsoft OneNote on the iPhone and ipad recently? It has had a makeover and it now has a new look and feel. Here’s how to save complete web pages to your OneNote notes.

OneNote is very different to Apple Notes app, although both perform a similar task - they store text notes, images, checklists and so on. OneNote has more features than Apple Notes and some people prefer it on their iOS devices.

OneNote’s new look

OneNote has gone through many versions and the iOS app is now up to version 16. The PC and Mac apps have also had many updates too. Most of them focus on making the interface simpler and it was a bit over-complicated for a note-taking app.

Open a notebook (notes are stored in notebooks, which are separate files synced via the OneDrive website), and this latest version lists the sections as text with coloured tabs in the left margin.


OneNote app on the iPhone


Swipe right to left over a section and a red Delete button is revealed, which makes deleting collections of notes easy.

Tap a section and the notes are listed. If the notes contain images, there is a small thumbnail on the right. The text and image make a sort of preview.

Swiping right to left over a note reveals a Delete button again. You can also swipe the screen left to right to return to the sections list.

Capture web pages

If you are browsing the web using Safari and come across a page you want to save for later, press the Share button in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen. Swipe through the icons and press OneNote.

If you don’t see OneNote, tap the More button and enable it with the switch. See Customise the sharing options on the iPhone and add more icons


 Safari browser on the iPhone The sharing options in Safari on the iPhone


OneNote appears and the web page title is automatically inserted. Just below it you can text in any notes you want to make. Notice the image of the web page just peeking above the keyboard. We will see how to view that in a minute.

The note is saved in Quick Notes and if you open the OneNote app and tap the section, the latest note is at the bottom. That is the web page we saved.


 Save a web link in OneNote on the iPhone Browse the notes in OneNote on the iPhone


Tap the note to open it and the page title is at the top and your typed notes below. Then there is a large JPEG image of the web page. Use the usual two finger spread gesture to zoom in.


 A web page saved to OneNote on the iPhone A web page saved to a note in OneNote on the iPhone


There are a couple of important points here and one is that the whole web page is captured and not just the bit that appears in Safari on the iPhone. It's not a simple screen shot, it is more than that.

This is a full size image of the desktop version of this web page, not the mobile version. This particular image is 1,055 x 4,000 pixels. OneNote notes are synced across all devices and computers, so if you run OneNote on the PC or Mac and right click the image, it is saved at full resolution. You can also resize it in the note too.

Enable experimental features

OneNote experimental features on the iPhone


Tap in the top left corner of OneNote and then tap the gear icon to enter Settings. If you want to be the first to see new experimental features then turn on the switch. Leave it turned off if you want to play safe.