Sleepy dog

You know you are addicted to technology and the latest gadgets when you can’t bear to be parted from them, even when you are sleeping. Do you keep your phone or tablet by the bed? Are pesky notifications waking you up in the night? Here is how to get a good night’s sleep.

Notifications are a brilliant idea and the chime or other sound that announced the next text message, email, Facebook or Twitter post lifts your mood and you are excited by the prospect of reading about the latest gossip or event. Except when it happens at night.

It can be very irritating when your insomniac friends text, email or tweet at 3am in the morning. Of course, they could be working a night shift and are bored, or live in a different time zone. Whatever the reason for it, you don’t want it.

To avoid being woken at night by notifications, you could turn the speaker off to mute the sound. There are two problems with this though and one is that you will still be woken by the buzz of the vibration. It’s very useful to have the phone vibrate for notifications as you may not heard it, but you can feel it in your pocket. The other problem is that you will not hear emergency phone calls from friends or relatives.

The best solution is to use Do Not Disturb, a feature that is on both the Apple iPhone and the iPad. (An email could chime on both at the same time, making it doubly irritating if both are by the bed.)

Do Not Disturb

On the iPhone or iPad, swipe up from the bottom to show the Control Center and tap the moon icon to turn on Do Not Disturb. This is fine providing you can remember to turn it on when you go to bed and turn it off when you wake up. The chances are that you will forget though.

The best way to get a good night’s sleep is to set a schedule that blocks unwanted notifications between certain hours of the day. Go to Settings on the iPad or iPhone and select Do Not Disturb. Turn on the Scheduled switch  and then tap the From and To times to set them as you prefer, such as 23:00 to 8:00 the next day.

Do Not Disturb

You don’t want to exclude emergency calls from friends and relatives, so tap Allow Calls From and select Favorites, Family or some other group.

Do Not Disturb

Sweet dreams!