Create multiple email accounts and multiple email signatures in the Mail app on the iPhone. Choose the default email and more hot Mail tips.

The Mail app on the iPhone can handle multiple email accounts and you can see messages from many accounts in one place. See how to use one signature or custom signatures for each account.

Mail on the iPhone is probably the most used app on the device and if you are anything like me, you will check it so many times a day it is hard to count.

Add more email accounts

Go to Settings > Mail > Accounts and you can add multiple accounts, such as Apple iCloud, Google Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, and most other email providers.

 Add extra email accounts in the Mail app on the iPhone

This enables you to access all your email in one place - the Mail app.

Add an email signature

When you send an email, you probably finish it with some text, such as your name and phone number, company address, favourite quote or whatever information you want to share.

This is your email signature and instead of entering it every time you create an email, it can be automatically added for you to save the time and effort.

How many emails have you received that said “Sent from my iPhone”? A lot! Either the person doesn’t know how to set their signature or has been lazy and not bothered to change the default signature.

Either way it looks poor and you should create a signature appropriate for your emails, whether they are business or private.

Email signature choices

When there is more than one email account set up in the Mail app you have two choices:

  1. Use the same signature for every email account
  2. Use a different signature for each account

Set the email signature in the Mail app on the iPhone
Change that default email signature! Tap it!

Which do you prefer? Go to Settings > Mail > Signature and select All Accounts to use the same signature for each one, or Per Account to use different signatures for each account.

Mail signatures on the iPhone
Create different signatures for each email account

After selecting Per Account, there is a section for you to enter a signature for each account. Tap in the boxes and type in your signatures

Choose your iCloud email

Apple has renamed its internet service several times over the years and before it was called iCloud it was MobileMe. You might have an old @me email address as well as an @icloud address. You can also add extra iCloud accounts called aliases.

I have three email accounts all linked to iCloud. Which one should be used as the From address when creating an email? A default needs to be set.

  1. Go to Settings and press your name at the top
  2. Press iCloud
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and press Mail
  4. Press Email
  5. Press the account you want to set as the default in the Mail app

Set the default iCloud account in the Mail app on the iPhone
Set the default iCloud email address

Open Mail and from the Mailboxes screen, tap the New Message button in the bottom right corner. You’ll see that the default email account is set in the From box.

Choose who an email is from

When there are multiple email accounts, such as iCloud, Gmail, Outlook and so on, how do you choose which account the email is sent from?

As we saw above, if you press the New Message button on the Mailboxes screen, iCloud is inserted into the From box and the email signature associated with this account is inserted into the email.

If you open a specific inbox, such as Outlook, Gmail or whatever you have, the From is from that account. The signature used is the one associated with that account. It is logical and selecting an account makes the email from that account.

If you want to change the account it is from, tap the email address and all your email addresses are listed at the bottom of the screen. Select the one you want to use.