Use your iPhone to monitor your biorhythms and see your physical, emotional and intellectual cycles. Are they real or just for fun? Try these apps and see!

Do you monitor your biorhythms? Do you know how or even what they are? There’s an app for that as they say, but are they useful tools or simply pseudoscience? Let’s take a look at 3 free apps.

Biorhythms are constant cycles that start from when you are born and continue until you die. There are several cycles and they consist of:

  • Physical cycle - repeats every 23 days
  • Emotional cycle - repeats every 28 days
  • Intellectual cycle - repeats every 33 days

Some people say there are more cycles and include intuition, spiritual and other cycles.

You know how some days you just feel rotten for no discernible reason? This could be because of one or more of your cycles.

These three cycles have ups and downs and they are like waves, so you can be at the crest of a wave and feel great, or at the bottom of a trough and feel awful or lethargic.

They have different time periods, so one can be up while another is down. When all three peak at the same time you feel fantastic and full of energy and creativeness. When all three are at their lowest point, you feel at your lowest point too.

That is the theory of biorhythms and some people swear by them, but are they real? I would recommend approaching the subject with a skeptical eye because there isn’t much quality evidence to support them.

However, this is where these three apps for the iPhone come in. Why not monitor your own biorhythms yourself and see if they match up to your mood, your energy level and creativeness?

Run your own experiment and see if the biorhythms can predict your moods. If they do, then great. You can use these biorhythm apps to predict how you will feel next week or next month! If not, well, it is a fun experiment to try.


Biorhythm365 - Tips for your future

Price: Free | By: Jeonghwan Kim| Size: 4MB | iOS: 8.0 or later

This is a good app that manages to pack everything into one screen. You enter your birthday and that’s it. The charts are drawn and you can see how your cycles rise and fall over the previous few days and the next couple of weeks.

At the top are your four cycles and a score from -100 to +100 is displayed. Icons indicate how you will feel and arrows show whether your cycles are rising or falling.

You can change the birthday, to show someone else’s cycles for example, and you can enter any date to check the status of your cycles in the future.

This is a simple app that works well and you can see everything at a glance.

Biorhythm365 for the iPhone shows your biorhythms


Biorhythm - Chart Of Your Life

Price: Free | By: Huy Phan | Size: 6MB | iOS: 7.1 or later

This app has more cycles than the other two apps and there is not only the Physical, Emotional and Intellectual, but also the Intuition, Spiritual, Awareness and Aesthetic cycles.

After entering your birthday, the chart at the top of the screen begins with today and draws the three main cycles for next month. All the cycles are listed below and you can see the percentages (from -100% to +100%) and an icon showing happy or sad faces, depending on whether a cycle is up or down.

All the cycles have an eye icon on the right and tapping it toggles the display in the chart. You can add or remove charted cycles and see them all or focus on just one.

A Groups feature enables you to add family and friends, so you can see other people’s cycles. You can also search for when all the cycles will be high or when they will always be low. This enables you to see when your best days will be in the future.

Biorhythm - Chart Of Your Life app for the iPhone shows biorhythms


Biorhythm Chart

Price: Free | By: Nguyen Van Hung | Size: 25MB | iOS: 6.0 or later

This is another one-screen app and at the top you can enter your date of birth or change it to someone else’s very easily.

The TODAY view shows the status of six cycles as percentages. There are the main three Physical, Emotional and Intellectual, and there is also Spiritual, Aesthetic and Intuitive.

The large chart shows these six cycles over the coming month, so you can easily see when they are up or down. At the bottom of the screen are the six cycles with checkboxes and these toggle the chart display on or off. This enables you to focus on just the cycle or cycles you want.

The Average of all the six cycles is calculated, so this could be an overall feeling.

Biorhythm Chart app for iPhone shows biorhythms


The best biorhythm app is...

I like the screen display for Biorhythm365 the best because it is straightforward and easy to read. It is my favourite. However, there is little to choose between the apps and they are all good.

Biorhythm - Chart Of Your Life has some useful extra features, such as additional cycles and a search facility to find highs and lows in the future. This makes it slightly more useful, although it has more irritating adverts.

Biorhythm Chart is OK too, and it has a good all-in-one screen display.

Remember that these are fun apps for your entertainment - don’t take them too seriously!