The floor is lava! Quick jump on something! Now you can play this daft game on your iPhone too. Here are three free apps to play this addictive game.

The floor is lava! Quick, jump onto something or you’ll be burned alive! It is an imaginary scenario that can be fun and it is brought to life in these free iPhone games. Check them out.

There are many floor is lava type games and they are all slightly different. However, in every one you must jump or climb onto something to avoid death by red hot lava. You might have heard of it and even taken part in real life with imaginary lava!

Here are three free iPhone apps chosen at random to give you an idea of what is available in this game genre. All the appnames are very similar, so when searching for them in the Store app, check the developer’s name to make sure you install the right ones.

The Floor is Lava

Price: Free | By: Ketchapp | Size: 91MB | iOS: 7.0

This is an ultra simple game for the iPhone in which you have just one thing to do. Tap to jump.

The game starts with you in a room and there are the usual objects like chairs, tables, desks, beds, cupboards and so on. Your character moves automatically into the room and the idea is that you jump onto objects and from object to object.

Sometimes the floor is normal and safe to walk on, but at times it changes to red hot lava. You have better be in the air mid jump or on top of an object when that happens or you will die very quickly.

 The Floor is Lava app for the iPhone The Floor is Lava iPhone game

There are times when the objects in the room are too far apart to jump, but on occasions they are spaced just right and you can tap, tap tap, to jump from one to another and avoid landing in the lava.

The game counts how far you get and at first you will have high scores in single digits. However, with practise you can get further into the game.

The blocky graphics, tap-tap gameplay and extreme difficulty is reminiscent of Flappy Bird. It is a lot of fun, even though it is very frustrating.


The Floor is Lava !!!

Price: Free | By: Henrique Silva | Size: 94MB | iOS: 7.0

This almost identically named game is similar, but instead of being in a room, you are on a road. You still have to jump onto objects to avoid the lava, but it is essentially the same.

Your character runs down the middle of the road and along the left and right sides are objects like bins, benches, shelves, filing cabinets and other items. (Why would there be a filing cabinet or shelves on a road?)

You hear a ding, ding, ding, and this is a countdown to the road turning to lava. This gives you a second or two to jump onto something. The lava disappears after a couple of more seconds and you carry on your way down the road.

 The Floor is Lava !!! iPhone game The Floor is Lava !!! iPhone game

The graphics are blocky in a retro style. The gameplay isn’t too hard and usually you die through bad judgement collecting stars when you should be avoiding lava.


Floor is Lava Challenge

Price: Free | By: Appnoxious, LLC | Size: 17MB | iOS: 9.0

Floor is Lava Challenge is slightly different and in this game the lava is a constant threat and you must keep out of its way using speed and agility.

The game could possibly be set inside a volcano or perhaps a well. You are in a vertical tube and there are ledges on the walls on the left and right. You must tap the left or right side of the screen to jump onto a ledge.

Below you is the lava and it is rising. This means you can’t stop to think and must make fast snap decisions on whether to jump right or left to get onto the next ledge.

It starts off slowly, but speeds up and as you tap, tap, tap, you inevitably tap left when you should tap right, or right when it should be left. You end up falling into the rising lava.

The graphics are simple, but nice, there is a loud soundtrack and the game is fast paced. It is frustrating and you always want one more go. It is great fun.

 Floor is Lava Challenge iPhone game Floor is Lava Challenge iPhone game

Did you know ‘the floor is lava’ has its own Wikipedia page? It’s not about these apps, but real people jumping onto real objects to escape imaginary lava. Weird!