The iPhone is a great phone, but is it perfect? There are some annoyances that sometimes get on our nerves, but these tweaks will fix them.

The iPhone is practically perfect in every way, surely there can't be irritations and annoyances? Yes, the iPhone is a fantastic phone, but it isn't quite perfect. It just needs these tweaks.

1 Stop the iPhone waking you at night

Do you keep your iPhone next to your bed? Notifications in the middle of the night will wake you up and disturb your sleep. It is very annoying. If you can remember, you could flick the switch on the side of the phone to turn off sounds.

An alternative, which doesn't require you to remember to flick switches before dozing off, is to go to Settings > Do not Disturb. Turn off the Manual option and turn on Scheduled. Tap the From and To times and set them to when you are usually asleep, such as from 11PM to 7.30AM. Now you will get a good night's sleep.

Set Do Not Disturb on the iPhone

Press Allow Calls From and you can choose to allow calls from No-one, everyone, just contacts or family. It is up to you. Family is recommended so your boss can't ring you in the middle of the night with an emergency!

2 Reduce transparency

Some parts of iOS show a graphical transparency effect and you can see what is behind something. It is blurred, but it is still a distraction and makes text harder to read. Turn it off. Go to Settings > Accessibility > Increase Contrast and turn on Reduce Transparency.

Reduce transparency effects on the iPhone

Sometimes text isn’t easy to read and some people may find that the other setting here, Darken Colours, makes it more legible.

3 Reduce motion

When the iPhone is moved when you are viewing it, the user interface can move too, such as by creating a parallax effect with the icons. Some people do not like this and prefer a static display. Go to Settings > Accessibility > Reduce Motion and turn off the switch.

Reduce motion in the iPhone interface

4 Disable Siri on Home

Let your finger or thumb linger too long on the home button and Siri is activated. Is this useful or an irritation? If you keep activating Siri by accident, go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Home Button and select Off under Press And Hold To Speak.

5 Reset the home screen

After experimenting with moving apps around, adding and deleting them and messing everything up, you might want to reset the home screen back to its original layout. There is a function to do that automatically and it can rescue you from disaster. Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Home Screen Layout.

6 Improve battery life

The iPhone is one of the best for battery life, but sometimes rogue apps can run it down. Facebook, for example, has been known to do this in the past. It is a major irritation when the iPhone doesn’t last the day.

Most apps do not need to run in the background, so make sure they don’t by going to Settings > General > Background App Refresh and turning off the switch at the top.

Stop background apps running on the iPhone

7 Disable multitasking

Multitasking is an iPad feature and sometimes it is useful, but it can also get in the way. In some apps that have multiple pages, tabs, and so on, you swipe left or right horizontally across the screen to see the next item.

Unfortunately, when swiping right to left in an app you might accidentally trigger the multitasking feature and open another app in a panel on the right. You have to wait for it to finish loading before it can be swiped away, which is annoying.

If you don’t use multitasking, go to Settings > General > Multitasking and turn off Allow Multiple Apps.

8 Sharing too much on the lock screen?

A lot of information can be seen on the lock screen and features can be accessed without unlocking the iPhone. Is this a convenience or a privacy and security worry?

If you often leave your phone where someone else could pick it up or if you are worried about what a thief might see or do, you can limit what appears on the lock screen.

Go to Settings > Control Centre and turn off Access on Lock Screen to prevent anyone from using it, including you!

Access Control Centre on the iPhone lock scree

Go to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode and enter your PIN if necessary. Down near the bottom of this screen (swipe up), is a section called Allow Access When Locked.

Limit access to features when the iPhone is locked

There are six items that can be enabled or disabled. Turn off the ones you want to block.

9 View link URLs

When you are browsing the web with Safari, you might see a link on a page that looks interesting, but where will it take you if you tap it? It might lead you to a dodgy site that you would rather not visit.

To see the URL of a link, press and hold until a list of options appears. At the top is the URL of the link. If you don’t want to go there, press the Cancel button.

10 Configure auto-correct

As you type, iOS tries to predict what you want to say and it also automatically corrects common typing errors. There are many examples of auto-correct gone wrong on the web and some of them are really funny. (Some are obviously made up too.)

You type one thing and autocorrect changes it something completely different. It is so frustrating! Who knows what President Trump meant to say when he posted Covfefe in a Twitter tweet!

If auto-correct is getting in the way and is changing what you say, go to Settings > General > Keyboards and there is a long list of options that affect typing. Turn off things that annoy you, such as double space changing to full stop and space, or auto-capitalisation.