Share your Google Photos library wioth a partner so they can see your photos. It's great for couples and families for viewing each others photographs.

Google Photos offers unlimited storage for photographs shot on your phone and now it also enables you to share your photo library with people you trust. Here’s how to share your photos.

When you think of Google Photos, you automatically think of Android, but it is actually a great app for the iPhone too. Apple lets you store photos in iCloud, but there is a low 5GB limit on storage space. To make matters worse, the online storage is shared with other things, such as backups and files.

Put Google Photos on your iPhone (or Android phone) and all your photos are automatically uploaded and stored online for free with no space limits.

The Photos app also has some nice features too, such as the one covered here.

In the latest version of the Google Photos app for iOS and Android, you can share your photo library with anyone you choose, or no-one. It is up to you. It is perfect for couples and families and it enables the other person to view your photos more easily.

This is not like the usual photo sharing features and you don’t share photos on an individual or album level. You grant access to all or part of your photo library. Every photo you take is automatically made available to the person you are sharing with.

In the screenshots I am using the Google Photos app on an iPhone, but this will work on an Android phone too.

1 Choose a partner

Make sure that you have the latest version of the Google Photos app. Press the menu button in the top left corner to open the sidebar and then press Share your library.

A list of contacts is displayed (I do have more than this, but had to hide some!) Swipe through the list and press a contact, or type their name or email address at the top.

 Google Photos menu on iPhone Google Photos selecting a partner for a shared library


2 Create access rules

A simple rule can be created that limits what the selected partner can see. The one rule is the date from which they can see photos. To limit their access, turn on the switch and then use the date controls to select the day, month and year from which they can see photos.

This enables you to hide photos taken before a certain date, which could be useful if there are images you don’t want them to see.

 Set the shared library access rule in Google Photos Set the date from which a partner can see photos in a shared Google Photos library


3 Confirm and invite

The details are displayed and the selected partner and the date from which they have access is shown. Down at the bottom of the screen is a button to send an invitation to them.

Confirm sharing your Google Photos library on iPhone

This takes the form of an email in their Gmail inbox, which invites them to log into Google Photos. A message pops up telling them they have been invited to access your photos. When they click Accept, your photos appear in their photo library. (You cannot see the partner’s photos, unless they invite you as a partner.)

Invitation to a shared Google Photos library


4 Remove access rights

What if you change your mind and want to stop the partner from accessing your photos? Open the Photos app, press the menu button to open the sidebar, then press Shared with...

The partner details are displayed and you can press REMOVE PARTNER to stop all access to your photos. Alternatively, press their name and you can change the date from which they can access photos. For example, you could change it to today, so they can see new photos, but not old ones.

 Google Photos on iPhone Revoke access to a shared Google Photos library on iPhone

Will you share your Photo library with someone? Is it better than iCloud shared libraries?



0 # Mia 2017-07-12 19:39
I think this is a great way to share visual content for professionals with work phones. I choose to pay for the Apple's iCloud storage for the convenience.
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