Step by step guide to sharing a note from the Notes app on the iPhone with another iPhone, iPad or Mac user. Invite others to access notes.

Sometimes it is useful to share a note or checklist with a partner, family or work colleague and you can do this on the iPhone using Apple Notes. It is very easy, so let’s see how to do it.

Why would you want to share notes?

Suppose you are going on holiday with a partner, family or a group of friends. Wouldn’t it be useful if you all had a checklist or note that you could all share? It could be used to create a list of things you need to take with you, like a passport, suncream, beachwear, hiking boots or whatever is required.

If you are working on a project with a work colleague, it might be useful to have a shared note that you can both see and add information to. It could be used to store notes for the project or whatever you need to share.

Shopping lists are great as shared notes and you, your partner or family can add to it and you can all see what needs to be bought and everyone can add items that have been forgotten or that someone specifically wants.

Apple Notes on the iPhone and on Apple Macs is able to share one or more notes with other people while keeping the rest of your notes private so only you can see them. Let’s see how it works.


1 Create a note on the iPhone

Open the Notes app on the iPhone and create a new iCloud note. I will be creating a shared shopping list, but it could be anything. The items on the list can be ticked off as they are added to the shopping basket.

To share this note with someone else, press the icon at the top of the screen.

 Create a note with Apple Notes on the iPhone Create a shopping list with Apple Notes app on iPhone


2 Add people to notes

The person you want to add must be sent an invitation. They will need to open this on their iPhone, iPad or Apple Mac - all of these have the Notes app. Facebook and Twitter are too public, so the best options are Message and Mail. I will use Mail.

The note is automatically added and the subject is set. All you need to do is select the person in the To box at the top and then press the Send button, just like any other email.

  Invite people to share a note using Apple Notes app on iPhone Email an invitation to share a note using the Apple Notes app on iPhone


3 Check for people and changes

You are returned to the note after sending an invitation. If the people button is pressed again you can see that you are the owner of the note and the person you invited. When the person accepts the invitation by tapping/clicking it in the email or message, their status changes on the People screen and the Invited label is removed.

If you return to the Notes screen there is a very small people icon next to any note that has been shared. See the brown dot above it? That means the note has been changed by the other person since you last looked at it. A dot means there is something new and you should check it out by opening the note.

 See who a note is shared with using the Apple Notes app on iPhone See the status of shared notes in the Apple Notes app on iPhone

Notes can be shared only by other people with the Notes app and this means Apple users with iCloud accounts. You cannot share notes with Android users, at least not using Apple’s app.