Notes can be shared between iPhones and Android phones. Share shopping lists, work lists and information, and more. Let's all work together!

Sharing notes can be very useful in certain circumstances, such as with your partner or family, work colleagues and so on. Here's how to share an iPhone note with an Android phone user.

I recently showed how you can share a note created on the iPhone with other iPhone, iPad and Mac users. This is a great feature of the Notes app for Apple users and it means you can share a to-do list or shopping list with a partner or the whole family, you can share one or more notes with work colleagues, which can be very useful when you are working on the same project. Everyone that has access to a shared note can write on it and everyone can see it. It's a group note.

However, not everyone has an iPhone and some family, friends and work colleagues will have Android phones.

This poses a problem because the Notes app on the iPhone only works on Apple kit - the iPhone, iPad and Mac computers. Android users cannot access Apple Notes, so how do you share a note with an Android phone user?

You have to use a different app and while there are several candidates, the Google Keep app is a great choice because it is free and available on iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, Macs and PCs. It is everywhere and it has features that enable notes to be shared.


1 A new note with tick boxes

Open Google Keep on the iPhone and create a new note. I will be creating a shared shopping list, which is the sort of thing that a family might use, but you can create work notes and share them with co-workers too.

Tick boxes are ideal for shopping lists and items can be ticked off as we walk around the store and add them to the shopping basket or trolley. Press the plus button just above the keyboard on the left and then press Show tick boxes.

 Create a note in Google Keep on the iPhone Create a lit of tick boxes on a Google Keep note on the iPhone


2 Share a note by adding collaborators

If you are following my shopping list example, type in the list of items you need. When you have finished. press the three dots button on the right just above the keyboard. It pulls up a menu and on it is Collaborators.

This is how notes are shared and one or more collaborators can be added to a note. They can see the note, add to it or delete content, but other notes in Google Keep remain private.

 Create a list of tick box items on a Google Keep note on the iPhone Add collaborators to a note using Google Keep on the iPhone


3 Select and view collaborators

To add a collaborator you just start typing their name and suggestions are made. As soon as you see the person you want to add, tap them to add them. Collaborators can be added using their email address if they are not in your contacts or you don’t see them listed.

The finished note with a single collaborator looks like this. The small circular icon below the note indicates that there is a collaborator. Press it to see their name or to remove them.

When a collaborator is added, an email invitation is sent to their Gmail account. Gmail is available to every Android user and the person just opens the email and presses a button to go to the Keep message.

 Add collaborators to a Google Keep note on the iPhone A Google Keep note with a collaborator on the iPhone


Google Keep notes and collaborators

Here is what the shared note looks like on the Google Keep home screen. There is a small preview of the note as usual, but notice the collaborator icon at the bottom. It is easy to see which notes on the home screen are shared.

 Google Keep note on the iPhone with a collaborator

Is this a feature you will be using with your Android owning friends? It could certainly make some tasks easier, whether it is with family or co-workers.