iPhone games are great for when you need to take a break and relax. Here are some fun games you should keep on your phone for those occasions.

These games may feature cats and balls, but not as the same time! Super Phantom Cat is a platformer and in Rolling Path you control a ball. Both are free and are great fun on the iPhone and iPad.


Super Phantom Cat 2

Price: Free | By: Weewo Games | Size: 144MB | iOS: 8.0 and up

Super Phantom Cat 2 is the sequel to the original game and it is available on both iOS and Android. In this version, which I played on an iPhone, you play as Ari, a cat character who is on a mission to rescue his sister Ina, who has been captured.

It is basically a very simple sideways scrolling platform game and there are multiple levels to work through. Progress is generally left to right, but you can go back to a degree and there are a few extra places you can explore. Some sections are vertical and you must climb up or jump down.

Super Phantom Cat 2 for the iPhone is a platform game

The controls are straightforward and there are left and right buttons, and a jump/climb button. As you run along, jumping over obstacles, there are coins to collect. Sometimes these are locked in areas that you jump up to or run into to break open.

Evil characters are disposed of by jumping high into the air and landing on their heads. They are more of an annoyance than a serious threat to you and they will barely hinder your progress.

Super Phantom Cat 2 iPhone game with platforms and secret areas

There are vines to climb and a special super power button that enables you to climb walls that are too high to jump. Sometimes you must jump from vine to vine to get across an area or collect coins. There are bouncy things too, which help you to jump higher than normal.

The graphics are bright, colourful and blocky, but they suit the game. As you progress, a story unfolds and there are tips and directions on what to do or how to gain bonuses. Treasure chest provide extras, such as coins, and there are diamonds too (both of which you can buy with real money).

There is a special area that contains machines that you build to help you on your quest. For example, there is an elixir lab and this produces vials of liquid that restores your health if you die. Additional characters are unlocked as you progress and you can switch to a different one.

Collect the coins in Super Phantom Cat 2 on the iPhone

Super Phantom Cat 2 is fun and it is easy to play, at least at the start, and you will fly through the first few levels quite easily. I enjoyed it and it will keep you glued to your phone for some time. It is also not too big at 144MB, which is important for those with 16MB iOS devices.


Rolling Path

Price: Free | By: Nanovation | Size: 191MB | iOS: 8.0 and up

Rolling Path is a super simple game that involves a ball rolling along a path. The path is sort of floating and there is a sheer drop either side and nothing to stop the ball rolling off, except for your nudges to make it roll left or right.

The path is straight at first, but then it begins to rise and fall, and twist one way and then another. By tapping the left or right side of the screen, the ball can be nudged one way or the other in order to keep it on the path as it turns. More severe turns can be negotiated by long pressing left or right.

Beginner mode is slow and easy, and after a few minutes you can step up to normal mode. This is faster and there are more turns. There are also diamonds on the path that can be collected by running into them.

 Rolling Path game for the iPhone home screen Keep to the path in Rolling Path iPhone game

Normal mode is a lot harder and it is easy to slide off the side and fall into oblivion. You will last just seconds at first, but will soon build up your ball control skills. There are more modes to unlock, such as another normal mode, two obstacle modes, two freefall modes and two chase modes.

There are a crazy number of ads in the game and they are really irritating, but you can pay a small fee to go add -free if you want. There is also a ball shop where you can swap the dull grey featureless ball for a brightly patterned one.

This is one of those tap-tap games that are maddeningly frustrating, but you can’t stop playing. You have to have just one more go to try and beat your high score. It is a lot more fun than it looks in the screenshots!