Put your to-do lists in the iPhone with Microsoft To-Do. This free app can even suggest all the things that you need to do today.

Microsoft has a lot of productivity applications on the iPhone and iPad and many are good, like To-Do, which is part note taking app and part To-Do list that could be just what you need.

If your life is chaotic and disorganised, Microsoft To-Do could help by enabling you to jot down notes and to-do lists. The iPhone has Apple Reminders and notes built in of course, and they are excellent, but To-Do offers a slightly different way of working that you might prefer. It has mixed ratings in the App Store, but I like it.

One of the nice things about this free app from Microsoft is that it is cross-platform and is available on the iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets and on desktop computers via the website (todo.microsoft.com). This means there are fewer limitations and it gives you the freedom to use different devices.

Create lists of tasks

Open the sidebar in the To-Do app and you can create lists. It comes with My Day and To-Do and you can create as many more as you need, such as books to read, movies to watch, travel plans, shopping lists and so on.

It works just like a regular to-do list and you can add items to any list by opening it and tapping the plus button. A due date can be set for a task and a reminder created so you don’t forget as the deadline approaches. Notes can be written and stored with each task, and when tasks are marked as done they disappear.

 Microsoft To-Do for the iPhone My Day view Microsoft To-Do for the iPhone showing the list options

What you need to do today

What is different about Microsoft To-Do is the My Day view. These are the things you have to do today. A task on any list can be added to My Day by swiping right over it, so you can go through your lists, see what needs to be done and with a few swipes you have today all planned out.

Press the light bulb icon in the top right corner and the app suggests tasks you should do today. These may be ones that you created some time ago that you haven’t got around to yet, or tasks that have a deadline to be completed today. They can be added to the My Day list with a tap.

My Day pulls items you need to do from all the lists you created and shows what you need to do today. If you don’t get around to doing a task today, you can swipe it to move it back to where it was.

Microsoft To-Do is therefore a to-do list with a little bit of artificial intelligence in that it can suggest the things that need doing.

 Microsoft To-Do for the iPhone setting a reminder for a to-do Microsoft To-Do for the iPhone creating new lists in the sidebar menu

At first sight the app appears to be light on features, but it is deliberately designed to be as simple as possible. The interface is colourful and different colours and themes can be assigned to different lists. Screenshots in the App Store show different icons for lists, but I couldn’t find a way to change them.

All the data is synced through your Microsoft account, so if you add an item on your computer using the website, it shows up on your iPhone. If you change something on your iPhone it shows on your Android tablet, and so on. It syncs everywhere.

Microsoft also owns Wunderlist, which is a more powerful to-do app, so why bother with To-Do? Wunderlist is aimed more at business and education and it enables you to invite others to share to-dos, which makes it good for teams and almost like a mini project manager. To-Do is simpler, more personal and is just for you.

App: Microsoft To-Do
Price: Free
By: Microsoft
Size: 54MB
iOS: 9 or later
Verdict: A simple to-do app that suggests things you should do.